Each year, the City of White Rock welcomes professional cyclists from around the world for a 3-days cycling event happening in the downtown and beach area of the city. Duff and I being avid cycling fans, we always actively look forward to this special weekend of the year.

This year was extra special. I had arranged a FlashMob with 50+ Zumba participants and friends, to happen right in the middle of the Block Party on Saturday July 16th. What a great opportunity for everyone to get out of our shells and have fun! Congratulations to all my participants for coming out of your comfort zone and become entertainers. You guys absolutely rock! The video talks for itself! Check it out here. Sooooo cooooool!

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  1. Hi there could you give me the location of the flashmob zumba The location and the zumba dance-song you will be using



    1. So this event is not organized by myself. It is a Flashmob organized by the Rick Hansen Organisation. They will be the ones starting the flashmob and we will be the group joining. They have chosen choreography, song and moves.

      They have sent me this video (not quite clear but better than nothing) if you want to take a look at what the choreography will look like.



      Practice: Friday May 18th @6:30pm at Kent Street Activity Centre

      Flashmob: Saturday May 19th between 7pm and 7:30pm in outdoor park behind White Rock Community Centre on Russel

      It’s the 25th Anniversary of the Rick Hansen Relay and this is the date the Relay is due to arrive in White Rock! It has been traveling across Canada since last August, and certain communities across the Country have been designated as “End of Day” Celebration sites. White Rock was chosen as one of these communities, thus the event for the 19th of May. The event is scheduled from 5pm to 8pm with official ceremonies occurring between 7 and 7:20pm. It would be sometime during this window.

      All details to be explained at the practice on the Friday night. Bring your friends and family, the more the merrier!

    1. Hello Dee,

      yes I did email you the info… i hope you received it? I re-emailed it again this morning…

      see you at practice tonight!


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