The holiday season is around the corner and as you might have read or watched last week, I’ve started a special edition series of the tips of the day. You can read last week’s blog HERE for more explanations. You can also go HERE where the tip of the day will be posted every day.

Watch the following video or read the transcript for today’s special tip.

Today, my longer weekly blog will be about the letter Y. Y stands for You, because YOU matter. Because yes, your life is for you. Even if you believe that you need to take care of everybody else first, at the end of the day, if you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to be there for your kids, for your spouse, for your clients or for your friends. 

That dream that you have on the back burner, you're supposed to do something about it. It's going to keep creeping back up until you actually act on it. Otherwise, you may start to feel unhappy. And if you're not happy, if you feel like you've wasted your life, if you feel like there's something you really would like to do, but you're not doing it, you will start resenting people around you, because you will feel that they are keeping you from doing it. And that’s not what’s actually happening! More likely, they will support you if you share your dream with them.

Make sure that you take yourself seriously. And yes, it is very noble to take care of everybody around you, but when you take care of yourself as well, it gives you more energy to keep helping others around you.

I was talking with a client, this week, and she said: "I feel very motivated and I feel really good, but there are like two or three days every month where I just don't want to go anywhere. I don't want to get up in the morning. I don't want to do anything. And I'm just a write-off." We started chatting and we realized that the reason why this is happening may not be because she needs to find a different mindset. I did, though, help her out on strategies in order to know what to do when these days happens, on how to change your mindset and start to want to get out of bed.

I said: “Well, what if we backtrack a little bit? What if instead of having to use these tools that we created together, how about instead we plan a write-off day or a half-day, every week, or one day a month, that is scheduled as YOU-time?” Could that be that the one day where you feel like you don't want to work, you don't want to do anything because unconsciously, you want to spend some time with yourself? If you start planning some self-care moments in your schedule and planning some YOU-time, more likely, you won't have to go through this day where you don't want to do anything. You will know in advance where this day falls on your calendar: "Oh, four more days until my ME-time." 

It doesn’t have to be something that involves any addictive behaviors. Your YOU-time doesn't have to involve alcohol, drugs, or unhealthy food. It can be something healthy. You may just want to go on your own somewhere for a walk, or watch something that nobody else in the household likes to watch, for example. Just do something for yourself and plan it ahead.

Have some YOU-time during the holiday, and maybe plan that ahead for your whole schedule in 2021.

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