Why are we so tired? Do you have any mountains in your life that you feel you will never reach the top of? Are there challenges or daily tasks that are draining you? You come home at night exhausted, worn out, and you wonder: "Is this it? Is this my life? I'm tired all the time! There's so much stress!" You juggle multiple challenges at once. There's always something new, and the world is moving a hundred miles an hour. Everything needs to be done yesterday, and we constantly run out of time to do all the things we want to do. Watch the video or keep on reading...

I have a great quote for you today by Muhammad Ali. He said:

"It is not the mountain that wears you out. It is the pebble in your shoe."

Let's talk about these pebbles. These little rocks may accumulate without us even noticing them because we're so busy with our big, huge goals. These pebbles in our shoes are past experiences that we are still carrying. Unfortunately, these pebbles create a path that leads to self-sabotage. They create a situation where we are not at our best because when we have a pebble in our shoe, we can't walk properly.

If you have past experiences or trauma, maybe from a previous job where you were back-stabbed, it can affect your ability to trust people now. Whatever situation you're in, whatever mountain you're facing, it is not the mountain that will wear you out. It's the past baggage you may still be carrying. So, get rid of those pebbles in your shoes.

Get rid of all the accumulation and everything that is really behind your fears right now. These are the things behind why you don't like doing certain tasks and why you are so tired. It might not even be your day-to-day activities that are the problem, but the fact that these issues have been ongoing for a long time. When we accumulate all these little pebbles, after a while, it hurts.

Make sure to take some time to identify what is really behind your exhaustion. What are you carrying? How can you get rid of it? This will help you reach the top of your mountain. Your feet won't hurt so much, and you can get rid of what was holding you back. This way, you can be your best and be more resourceful to reach the mountain ahead of you.

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