It was my friend Jax bday and mine is coming up too so we often celebrate it together. Some of our friends had organized a wine tour with charcuteries and cheeses all afternoon on Friday and invited us to join them.

As you may know, I don’t drink, I don’t eat meat nor dairy. I usually would have went anyways just to be with the people and would have loved it.

Sometimes though, you just don’t feel like a big group event and just want a nice dinner catching up over a nice meal with one conversation. So we skipped the event and just went the four of us for dinner at #S&L and had a magical evening!

Funny enough, when we got there, two other friends from the same group were also at the same resto having a girls’ night catch up, with the same idea of digging more into conversations. I am finding myself really enjoying these evenings where we really have time to chat and get caught up what’s going on with our lives.

I still love to entertain big groups and our home is still packed with dozens of people at a time, yet I really enjoyed not having to jump from one short conversation to another. 

So yes, we missed out on the wine tour... and yet... we loved it!


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