Sometimes, I am tired. I’ve just had a few busier-than-normal weeks and when lacking sleep, it happens from time to time that I wonder: “What’s the point?” I need to get reminded why I am doing all of this. Interestingly enough, it seems that it is always in these times that one of you sends me the nicest email, telling me you enjoy reading my newsletter, that your coaching sessions completely transformed your life, that you follow me on social media or that you were at some point inspired by something I have said or done. YOU are the reason why I am doing all of this and receiving feedback is such a drive. Every week I wonder: “are the thousands of people on my newsletter even reading my stuff?” (Well, I can see who opened the email and who did not from my marketing software and I can monitor the traffic on my website, however, I never know if you actually like what I do or not…) unless you tell me. So thank you! Thank you for your feedback and thank you for keeping me on track. Somehow, being in a position where others rely on you, will help to keep you focused on your own goals. Every day, my clients remind me of drinking my own cool-aid. It is when I feel that I am making a difference that makes me want to be a better person myself. I see my clients transforming and they inspire me to do the same and get to the next level.

When in your life are you in a situation where you inspire others?

Being in a leadership position will give you the energy that you may not have thought you had without anyone under your “responsibility.”

Knowing that other people rely on you adds to the level of commitment you have. When you are serving other people, when other people are counting on you, you find the tenacity you need to get you to the next level.

I am a motivational speaker and master coach. I make a living of inspiring people. Sometimes people say that it is probably very easy for me to be positive. Well, let me tell you, sometimes, (most times actually), I step out of my comfort zone and like everybody else, I experience powerful emotions like fear, guilt, sadness… These emotions are there to deliver positive learning. Whenever feeling these emotions, I know that I must be learning something. I must be growing. It doesn’t mean that I am not “feeling” anything. I have to push through, like everyone else. Every time, what gets me through is YOU guys. I always ask myself: “What would my followers expect me to be doing right now? How would they expect me to react to this situation? What would I advise a client to do if they were in my situation?”

I have been teaching fitness classes for over thirty years. People would say that I like it. Of course, I do. Now to say that I do feel like it in every single class and that it never happens that sometimes I would rather stay home, would be a lie. I too have rough days sometimes and would gladly skip. Teaching classes has been my strategy for the past three decades.

Being in that position, where people are counting on me for their workout, makes me want to show up. It is enough to inspire me. All the participants in my classes are showing up week after week, sometimes they miss, but others are there, and they are committed to their health. They want to be there. Unlike me, not only do they show up voluntarily (as they don’t have to be there to teach the class) but they also pay for it. They spend money for me to show up and take them through an hour-long fun or strenuous, or both, journey. I cannot let them down. It seriously makes me push myself and show up on my best behaviour.

Doing it for someone else is very powerful. Feeling needed. Feeling like you matter and that without you, someone else could be missing out. Whenever I don’t feel like going to my exercise, I tell myself: “I have to show up for them. They need me there more than my need for a break.”

I am simply sharing my strategy with you. It doesn’t mean that you need to become a speaker, a master coach or a fitness instructor. However, you can find a group of friends who want to commit to their well-being and their health. Put yourself in a leadership position. Be the one that calls the others or invites them for a walk every Tuesday night. As the ‘leader’ of the group, you have no choice but to show up.

Even when they are not with you and cannot witness, do what they would expect you to be doing. Whenever challenges happen in my life, it is always the thought of those who look up to me that inspires me to keep going.
I understood that almost two decades ago at a fitness expo. I had the chance to see my absolute idol, Lisa Osborne. I was feeling like a kid, or a groupie at a rock concert, cherishing the picture I had been able to take with my hero. I was standing in line to buy a new pair of runners at the expo, when a lady came towards me with excitement and told her girlfriend: “That’s her, that’s Nathalie, OMG, please take a picture with my fitness instructor, she is so awesome!!!” I turned around and looked behind me to see who this woman was referring. Then I realized it was me.

Surprised, I smiled and let my ‘fan’ take a picture with me and ironically was thinking how weird it was that somehow, the very same experience I just had with my own idol was replicating itself a few minutes later. I thought: “Tell her, I am really nobody, I am just a fitness instructor…but for this woman, I guess I am more than I thought I was.” I always remember that moment, reminding myself that whatever I do, someone is looking up and I must be my best to meet the expectations of my ‘fans’ and mainly my own expectations. Who is looking up to you? Who would be proud of you if they saw you right now?

It is when we are not our best that we feel miserable or inadequate. It is not when we make mistakes or when we learn something we don’t know. It is the times when we know better and we disappoint ourselves, that we take it hard. I thrive when I know the opportunity to inspire is there. When faced with a decision-making process, I always ask myself the question: “What would someone who needs to be inspired expect me to do here?” So now, your turn; what will you do next time you are not feeling your best?


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jallison5 - May 20, 2019 Reply

Nathalie, I loved this article. You know how sometimes it’s just the timing and something hits you? This one did it for me. Thanks, Jacquie

    Nathalie - May 22, 2019 Reply

    Totally Jacquie! Yes, sometimes it’s just the timing and something hits you! I totally get it! Glad it did! 🙂

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