Not that long ago, we were at a business retreat, and the place that we had rented had this weird shower that we could hardly get in or out of, because the door had to open from the inside instead of opening from the outside. I'm pretty sure you're going to get a chuckle out of this. If you're reading this blog, please, take a moment to press play right below, and WATCH the video of me, stuck the shower, before you keep reading...

I hope you had a good laugh! We filmed this thinking: "This shower is totally counterintuitive. This is not the way doors should be installed in showers!" Now, why am I talking about this? How is that connected to the brain? Well, sometimes, we do things in life, or we think a certain way, and it's as if our shower doors were hinged the wrong way. Let me explain...

We live our lives, and very often, we are not helping ourselves. Have you ever tried swimming upstream to, let's say, a waterfall? Or if you are kayaking, and the current is going really fast down the river, have you ever tried turning around and paddling upstream? Very hard, right? Or, you are on the freeway, and the traffic is going really fast, but you are in the wrong lane, and you're facing it. Whatever the scenario, you're working hard, you're sweating, and your heart is beating a hundred miles an hour.

These are all analogies about how sometimes, we go against what our brain would normally do. If you are watching other people, thinking: "How come they got this promotion, and I didn't? How come it looks so easy for them? What is going on? How come I cannot make this kind of money? How come I cannot charge that amount? Why aren't people buying my services? Why am I not more popular at work? Why can't I get this person to go on a date with me?" or whatever your challenge is, it might be because your shower door is hinged the wrong way. Maybe you have some cleaning up to do inside your brain.

Have a look at all the limiting beliefs that you may have, all the things that you're repeating in your head that are not serving you. I hear limiting beliefs every day from people I work with: "Well, I can't do this. It's way too hard. I don't know how. I'm no good at this. This is just how I am. I'm like this. I'm not worthy of this. I don't deserve this. I mean, I've only been there for three months. I can't apply for this promotion. I'm not ready yet. I can't complete this online course. I cannot start a podcast. I'm not ready yet. I cannot lead this project at work. I cannot put my hand up to be in this committee or this board of direction."

Sometimes, we even accuse others: "Oh, they don't like me, so no, I could never work with them because they don't think that I could do a good job." Sometimes, time is the culprit: "I wish I exercised more, but I don't have time." There are so many of them.

Next week, we will go over seven common limiting beliefs, and we're going to turn them around. I will teach you how you can start the process of going in the opposite direction, so that you can go easily downwards with the current or with the traffic. It's going to make your life so much easier, and the probability of you reaching your goals will be much, much higher. See you then!


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It'll be just like a well-hinged shower door! 😉

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