Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

This week, I'm interrupting the Sleep Series for a special Thanksgiving blog, because I think the timing is perfect to talk about what is really important to us, what we're grateful for and what we're thankful for. Worry not, we'll be back next week for Sleep Series Part Six!

Very often, the things that we're the most thankful and grateful for in life are the exact same things that keep us going whenever we face a challenge. They are the ones that make us stick with our goals. They are the ones that make us persevere. Today, I would like to share a video with you, so I strongly recommend that you watch the video version of my blog below, since I'll be sharing my screen so that you can enjoy it too. I bet you will shed a tear. I did, and still do, every single time I watch it. Sit back and enjoy the video.

Awesome, right? We saw how he wanted to give up many times, but would try again anyway. To help him, he even took the picture of his granddaughter with him to his shed, to help with his motivation. He saw his neighbor carry their Christmas tree, and it reminded him of that night at Christmas, where he had planned to lift his granddaughter up to the tree. And you saw how he was able to stick with his goals because he was driven by someone very important to him. His efforts paid off and were totally worthwhile.

What is it that drives you like that? Is there anything in your life that would make you get up, get out there and do what it is that you have to do? If you're not sure what your driver is, what it is that will make you continue and persevere, find it. Go find exactly what it is that you're doing this for.

One question you can ask yourself to help you find your driver is: "What does that do for me?" This goal that you have, what does it do for you? Keep asking and answering this question. Here's an example:

 "What does that do for me to want to post stuff on social media as an entrepreneur?"

"Well, I want people to know what I have to offer."

"And what does that do for me, for people to know what I have to offer?"

"Well, then maybe they can buy my products."

"Okay. And what does that do for me if they buy my products?"

"Well, then I get money."

"And what does that do for me if I get money?"

"Well, maybe I could maybe work a little bit less and spend more time with my kids."

"Ah, and what does that do for me to spend time with my kids?"

Now we're digging further and further, right? That task that you may need a little boost to complete, what's the real root of it? What will continue to drive you until you achieve it?

Please remember this video, it's an amazing kettlebell advertisement. Enjoy it. I have to say this made me tear up many times and I had to hold it back even today, after having watched it over a dozen times! It really makes us remember what we're doing things for.

I am so grateful for you guys, for you to be in my life, for all the emails that you keep sending me, for all the comments you leave. I cherish them every week. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for getting back to me. Thank you for giving me new ideas, thank you for suggesting new things, and thank you for trusting me in being part of your life.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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