thermostat487751363You want to set your self-image like you would set a thermostat. If you decide you want to be a 72 degrees-er, you have to work at keeping that self-image. If challenges bring you to 65 degrees, don’t lower the thermostat to 65 in order to match your state of mind. Because before you know it, the temperature will dro
p to 58 and you will now be lowering your thermostat again to 58 and so on, until you believe that you are a 50 degrees-er. If you notice that the temperature in your world goes below your comfort 72 degrees, you have to crank up the thermostat and set it for even higher to make sure the temperature never drops down under 72.

Dan Lok received a standing ovation for his TEDxStanleyPark talk – The Invisible Force. Dan’s message is profound and simple.

There is a force that naturally wants us to be consistent. Use this consistency to set up your thermostat exactly where you want it and don’t budge. Be what you need to be in order to access everything you want. Ask yourself: “Who do I have to be to produce the results that I want?” Trust that you can become everything you set yourself to be. This is what I do as a Life Coach. Every day I watch my clients leaving my office understanding they have everything they need to be exactly what they want to be. I can testify that when you set your thermostat onto something, you will achieve it. Don’t Just be. Be Your Best!

You can view Dan’s talk at

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