In the episode of MYM Podcast I was listening to this morning, Collin Sprake had guest Neal Sperling talk about Putting Your Agenda Aside. Sperling talked about his mother who was like a gardener for people. She would see everyone as a beautiful garden and would help them weed the things that would be in the way of shining to be at their best. This really resonates with me as I can totally relate to this being my own life purpose. Just like the garden analogy, I often use one too.

I like to give the analogy of a dentist. Even people that brush their teeth on a regular basis, floss, rince, etc. still need to go the dental hygienist once a year as they have the special tools to scratch the teeth off all accumulated unwanted stuff. It is totally normal. We are not bad people because we need to go to the dentist. It is just normal as there are things we just cannot remove ourselves. It is the same for our brain. I am like a brain dentist that helps with the clean up of unwanted stuff that is not serving us. (negative emotions, limiting beliefs, etc.) These may be at cause of our self-sabotage.  Everybody needs a good clean up once in a while even if they have a perfect dental hygiene routine!

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