Stress is normally caused when we choose to worry. Find out how to get rid of 92% of what you worry about by reading the blog or watching the video.

Ninety-five percent of North Americans either go to bed or wake up worrying. As Isabelle Mercier says in #TEDxStanleypark: "Worrying is the #1 killer of creativity, performance and dreams." She feels we need to stop worrying because what we worry about is mostly nonsense or will likely never happen.

40% Forty percent of our worries will never happen. It’s like putting a 40% down payment on a house you will never own…We make things up. We imagine the worst that could happen and we get stuck sending negative chemicals through our blood-stream. Stop worrying about things that will never happen. It is not productive at all.

30% Thirty percent has already happened, we just replay the movie in our heads. Something happened to us a week ago and we are still re-living it in our head: “I should have said this instead. I should have done that.” We “should-have” all over ourselves and it is not serving anything. We need to exit this loop by asking ourselves: “What am I learning from this?” “How is this making me grow?” Once you have received your ‘learning’, you will be able to move on.

12% Twelve percent are minor health annoyances such as a bit of a sore shoulder. Here is what happens: You have a light headache and you start worrying. You wonder: “Maybe I should Google ‘headaches’.” As you start reading online you panic and start thinking: “OMG! Maybe I have a brain tumor!” All of a sudden, a simple headache makes you believe (falsely) that you only have three days to live! Just drink more water, go to bed early and it will be done. No need to use 12% of your “brain-time” to worry about this.

10% Ten percent are miscellaneous, such as: Which shoes to wear? What if I cannot find parking? What if I am late getting there?

Only 8% Eight percent are legitimate problems.

We just freed-up 92% of your amazing and powerful brain to use on other tasks, rather than creating stress.

So ninety-two percent of what we worry about is for nothing at all! We spend so much time dwelling on our problems that it becomes a habit to do so. We become good at having problems and if they go away, there is a sense of emptinessthat we feel the need to fill with some other problems. Isn’t that weird? Spend time focusing on what you want instead.The actual problem doesn’t really matter. Make it disappear to direct your energy into what you want. The actualproblem doesn’t matter. You have more likely made it up anyway.  No need to dwell on it. Focus on the next step to get closer to what you want, instead of using your time worrying about what you don't want anymore.


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