Last week, we closed off the Procrastination Series with a blog about the Overbooking Procrastination. That's when you have so many things going on a at the same time that you get overwhelmed, and just start procrastinating instead. (Guilty. I do this sometimes.) If you missed it, you can catch up HERE.

I'm going to give you three words. The first one: Valencia. One of my favorite cities in Spain. Majestic architecture, fabulous beaches, and amazing paella Valenciana.

Second word: Blood. You can think of blood cells. You can think different types of blood. You can think of blood tests, to make sure that you're healthy. You can think of blood donors, when you donate blood to others and make sure that they stay healthy.

Now, the third word: Navel. That's the center of your belly. The middle part of your six-pack. The connection between a mother and her child. For fitness pros, maybe it's a cue: "Bring your navel to your spine."

 What do these three words have in common? Watch the following video or keep reading...

It's not easy to understand when you don't have context, is it? Let me help: Each of these words can also represent a fruit. Ha! You just had a light bulb moment, right? When you know the context, all of a sudden it becomes clear.

Valencia orange, blood orange, and navel orange. When you have context, it makes it really clear and easy to guess.

Now, knowing WHY you're doing what you're doing, that gives you that context. It gives you clarity. It helps the people that you lead, the people that are following you, the people that are doing business with you and the people in your life, it helps them get it. Knowing and sharing your "why" is the key. Do you have a strong promise statement that comes from your heart? I can share mine with you:

I work with entrepreneurs who want to find confidence and clarity so that they can make money living from their passion.

Somehow, I have been criticized for my promise statement before. People have said: "What? Your purpose is for people to make money? How shallow. Making money. So superficial." Well, guess what? I'll give you some context. It will help you get it. I have learned a huge lesson about the value of money.

This is Yuri, my sponsor child in Haiti. On my first trip to Haiti, I really understood the value of money. When I got there, I connected with Yuri right away, on the first day. Yuri was sitting in the corner, by himself. I went over, to invite him to do some coloring with us, and he grabbed me and he held me so tight and never really let go for the whole two weeks. Everybody was watching and whispering when they saw Yuri in my arms. What I did not know was Yuri's context. He had been at the orphanage for three months and he had not spoken with anybody yet. He had not smiled. He had not interacted with anyone. His mom had disappeared after leaving him at the orphanage. She figured he would be better off without her, because at least there, he would have one meal a day.

Money can do great things. And with my money that people have judged so superficial, with my $30 per month, Yuri gets a meal every day, a toothbrush, bedsheets and extra protein, maybe a hard-boiled egg, or a piece of chicken a few times per month, when the orphanage can manage it. So trust me, I know the value of money, and I know that when you help good people make money, they can do great things with it.

I have changed the way I see money now that I know that sponsoring a child is $30 a month. If I see a pair of boots that's 90 bucks, I immediately think: "Oh, that's three children that I could sponsor for a month." And with every expense that I make or the money that I earn, I always try to figure out how many mouths I could feed with this money. And if I help good people make money, I know they will do good things with it.

If through my one-on-one coaching, through my online courses or through my life coaching certification I can teach people how to find the confidence and clarity so that they can make money living from their passion, I know they will do great things with it.

That is my context. That's why I studied neuroscience. So that I could figure out a system to shut down the negative self-talk in my head that was telling me that I would never be able to make it on my own, that I had to keep my full-time job, because "there's no money to be made in the speaking industry." Well, I figured it out. And now, when I'm confused and when I'm stuck, I think of my "why" and I know that if I can help professionals step into their leadership and live from their passion, we can make a huge impact together.

Know your "why", know your context, continue to have a strong promise statement and do what you do from the bottom of your heart.

Have a fantastic rest of your week!


If you need help finding out what your "why" is, let's have a quick virtual coffee together so that we can bounce ideas off each other. That'd be my pleasure.

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