Yeah, guilty. That's me. I get so much going on at the same time. I start so many different things at once, I have 17 tabs open on my desktop, and there's tons and tons of stuff coming at me all the time. And that generates procrastination on my part, because I start something, I don't finish it, I start something else, I don't finish it either... And that definitely fits the description of the fifth type of procrastination, the overbooking procrastination. Watch the following video or keep reading for more...

Welcome back to the Procrastination Series, everyone! This is part six already. We have named all types of procrastination and identified the one that most affects us in PART ONE. Then, the following parts (TWOTHREEFOUR and FIVE) each targeted one specific type of procrastination. Today is about the overbooking procrastination. Once again, it is connected with an executive brain function: Cognitive flexibility. Our cognitive flexibility allows us to adjust or switch between different things at the same time. In other words, it allows us to multitask. While this may be a good thing sometimes, usually, when we want to get things done, it's better if we do not use it. We want to really focus our attention in order to finish something.

Solution #1: Pick ONE!

If that's you, pick one. Close all of the open tabs on your computer, turn off your phone, turn off everything else, because if there's too many windows open at once, more likely, you'll start working on something, then on something else, you'll start multitasking and won't end up actually finishing anything. Pick one and decide: "I'm going to complete this task until there's a check mark on it and it's over."

Solution #2: Make Sure it Has an Impact.

Make sure that the task that you're doing has an impact immediately on your goal of the current moment. Let me explain this. You want the task that you are doing to be the most important one for you right now. Sometimes there are short-term goals and long-term goals. If you were, let's say, very much affected by the effects of the pandemic and have been having a hard time to make ends meet, it's a good idea to work on the tasks that will bring you income right away. If that's the case, choose shorter projects that are quick and that can bring bread to the table right now, because that's your priority right now.

If you're all right, what you're going to do is start thinking about long-term projects that will have a good impact for you further down the road. For example, start recording some online courses! That way, you eventually will be able to have some leverage with your multiple sources of income, the "money while you sleep" kind of system.

Very often, we get caught in starting everything at the same time, because we think that everything is urgent. When you pick the thing that you will work on, make sure you pick the one that will have the most impact for you in your life right now.

Solution#3: Get your Home Ready.

Make sure that your home is ready before you do anything else. If you're going to invite people over, you can't invite people over if your home is going under major renovation. Let me explain. If you are on social media, advertising, that means that your goal is to sell something. That's what you're doing on social media, right? The thing is, sometimes, you're on social, advertising like crazy, but your home is not ready to welcome them. You don't have a website, you don't have a way to exchange money with them, you don't have an offer... People are liking you on social media, you have 4,000 likes on some of your videos. That's awesome, but then what? That doesn't translate to money in your bank account, because you're not equipped to receive these likes at home. Your house is not ready. Set up your website first, make sure that you have somewhere to send these people, somewhere they can go to make a transaction, right?

Before you start doing anything else, before you open an account on Clubhouse and post on Instagram and LinkedIn and Facebook and start a podcast and have all these external marketing campaigns, make sure that your house is ready. That way, when they enter your house, they're going to say: "What a great place! I'm going to download this thing. And why don't I leave my email behind? Because this person is interesting." Then, you can start emailing them because your funnel is ready, and you're ready to capture the lead and you're ready to offer them something.

This marks the end of our procrastination series. Hopefully, it was helpful. Go check out the other parts whenever you need to.

Thanks for tuning in!


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