How do we overcome fears about the future? See, as some of you may know, we spend the winter in Palm Desert, and we have these little bunnies that come and visit us in our backyard. As I was writing this blog about fear, one of the bunnies, a little baby, was slowly coming closer and closer to the table where I was sitting. Keep reading of watch the video below for more...

As soon as I would turn around a little, then, vroom! The bunny would start running in the opposite direction, and then would slowly come back and creep up to me, towards the table. I'd turn again, and vroom! The same thing would happen. And they're fast, right? Well, I found out that every day, the bunny would come closer and closer. At some point, I turned, and the bunny stayed there! I was able to walk really, really, close to that little thing, and was even able to take pictures of it!

As I was writing about fear, it made me realize that that's exactly what the bunny was feeling. He was scared, he was afraid. I then thought about three things that this bunny actually taught me...

#1. You're Probably Afraid of the Unknown

When you are afraid, more likely, you are afraid of the unknown. The bunny doesn't know me, the bunny doesn't know that I have no intent of harming it. It doesn't know that, so it's cautious and it's afraid. We are hardwired to be afraid of things that are unknown. Potentially, you are making it up, just like the bunny was making up in its little head that I was going to harm it. If it's unknown, more likely you're making it up, and if you're making it up, you might as well make up something good, right?

Sometimes, being cautious is a good idea, but very often, we are afraid for nothing. Most things we're afraid of will never happen.

#2. Keep Moving Forward

I watched the little bunny come towards me, little by little, and I thought: "This is a very good technique." It would come a little closer and then a little closer, and then a little closer... What a great strategy! This is something we can do when we feel afraid: continue moving forward, little by little, one step at a time, until you get used to that new computer system that scares you or that new task that you don't want to do, or whatever it is that you're making up about your future. Step forward, little by little, and eventually, you get accustomed to this new task, and you're not scared anymore. Just like the bunny, day after day, came closer and closer until one day, I turned around and the bunny didn't run. It stayed there because it was used to me now. You'll get used to it. Go little by little.

#3. Enjoy the Present

Enjoy the present! This little creature is so happy. It's not worried about paying its bills. Very often, when we are afraid of the future, it's because we don't take the time to enjoy the present. Yes, those bunnies might have the instinct of running away to preserve their life, obviously, but they are not worried about their future. They are not making things up, and they are enjoying the moment, so please enjoy today. Right now. Whatever you're worried about is not happening yet. You are fine. You are good. Let's stop making up things and stop longing for tomorrow.

"Oh, when I have this, then I'll be happy. When this happens…, when I get enough money…, when I..." Well, what about today? What is great about today? Enjoy the present and be grateful about the things that you have right now!

I thought that this was a perfect blog for Easter. Happy Easter, everybody. Have a fantastic long weekend if you are having a long weekend, and let's stop being afraid of all the things that will never happen.

Easter is not just about bunnies and eggs; it's also a time for renewal and reflection.

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