Oh my. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am thrilled: I'm the proud recipient of two new awards from the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards. I won Most Empowering Confidence Coach in North America in 2023 and Best Life Coaching Certification Organization in North America in 2023. How did this all happen? And what’s the first thing that comes to your head? “In North America? Really?” Keep reading or watch the video for more...

Of course, the first thing I must say is thank you. Thank you for making this happen. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for keeping me going, because as you build a business, there are lots of challenges. And you kept me going. Seeing my clients succeed is what drives me day after day.

I'd like to share what my husband said. Now, before you say anything, my husband is super supportive and is my biggest fan, but he said: "What do you mean? Best Life Coaching Certification Organization? There are big, huge organizations out there. And what about Most Empowering Confidence Coach? No offense, but you're not better than Tony Robbins, and he's in North America." My answer was: "Well, Tony Robbins did not apply. I did."

That's the message of the blog today. Of course, I still wanted to share the news with you, but the biggest message of it all is: I APPLIED. I filled out the form. I put my hand up and I said: "You know what? I'm going to apply to this award. I'm going to make an effort." What are the things in your life that you wish you had? Maybe you keep watching others getting promotions and you wonder how they do it. Well, maybe they applied. Sometimes, we tend to think our actual and our potential clients know what we do and that they will come to us when they need our help. No, you need to go to them! You need to put your hand up. You need to step up.

What about with relationships? "Oh, I think so-and-so doesn't like me." Well, what did you do for them to like you? Did you go to them? What about a conversation that needs to happen? Waiting for them to come to you is not going to work, nor is waiting for that raise to come around. If you want to go to a movie with your partner, don't wait until they feel like going to a movie and they ask you. You have to ask them!

In life, we need to step up, we need to apply, and that's what I did. In fact, most of the awards I've won throughout the years were because I applied and I did the work.

I remember my first CAPS convention. I was still a new speaker back then, and I had applied to speak at the first convention that I went to. They chose my session, and I remember people in my chapter telling me: "What? You're presenting at the big CAPS National Convention? How did you do that? You're new." I said: "I applied!"

That's the message: You have to apply. If a small-town girl here can be awarded Most Empowering Confidence Coach in North America in 2023, imagine what YOU can do. You just have to step up and apply.

I also had the opportunity to be featured in a magazine article about the awards. You can read it by clicking the picture below:

Congratulations to all the other award recipients as well, and thank YOU again for trusting me. I have learned so much from you, my clients, and from everybody that I've worked with throughout the past 16 years. You are a huge part of my success! Remember: Just apply!


If you doubt yourself sometimes, the Confidence Guide is for you! Unlock your full potential & gain the confidence you need to put your hand up. Apply!

The Guide includes:

  • The List of the 15 Keys to Confidence.
  • Questions for You to Assess Your Current Situation.
  • Questions for You to Take Action.

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