August 1991. I had just moved out of my parents’ house to live in my own apartment to attend high school in a different city. That was when I discovered Costco. I had no idea you could buy full boxes of chocolate bars. This was a revelation I took full advantage of eating one or two every day during my college years.

Ten years later: I was part-owner in a printing business with over fifty employees. On my way to work, I would buy three or four dozen doughnuts “for my staff”. I would eat one or two myself on my way to work, for breakfast.

December 2015. I was standing in the kitchen at 7:00 a.m., eating the remaining three portions of dessert from the night before. Suddenly, I hear a noise. Somebody is up. I quickly put what was left back and washed the spoon to make the ‘evidence’ disappear.

Yes, I have been there. That day, in December 2015, I realized that sugar had followed me all my life and that I had a ‘problem’ with it. I needed to do something. I made my first resolution: No sugar in 2016. Cold turkey! I did it. I was only allowed to have cake on my birthday and the rest of the year, I would be free of sugar.

I successfully ended my year of no dessert and started 2017 with a different resolution: I did not buy anything. I wanted to simplify my life and I knew I had enough ‘stuff’ to last me the whole year. It was an amazing year! No clothes, no shoes, no stuff, no new sheets, no new towels for the home, nothing. Just grocery and drugstore essentials. It was liberating!

I have since become a fan of resolution and I am still debating on what to do in 2019. I am tempted to go another year without buying anything… stay tuned…

Here are a few ideas of little things you can introduce in your year for 2019:


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In 2019, make time for yourself, right away in the morning. Set up your alarm half an hour or a full hour earlier than you used to and give yourself your first hour of the day, without looking at anyone else’s demands (which could easily be done by glancing at your mobile device). Stay away from emails, texts, social media and focus on one thing you want to do for yourself. You can plan your day, exercise, meditate, set up your intentions for the day, or even, start on this important project of yours that needs concentration and that you can never get to once the hectic day has started. Make sure you do what’s important to you first! I get up at 4:44 am during the week and 5:55 am on the weekends. I start with my exercise, make my morning shake and often write in the morning. By 8:00 am, once everybody else starts firing emails and demands, I have already taken care of ME.


In the busy world we live in, it’s often that we hear: I’m so busy, I don’t have time, life is so hectic, etc. Have you ever thought about the fact that you might be able to simplify a bit? Is everything a priority? And a priority for who? What is important to you? What are you going to choose to do with YOUR precious time?
In 2019, see if you can simplify everything that you do. Accept that it can be ‘good enough’. What could be done by somebody else? Hire people to do things you are not good at. It creates employment! Focus on what you are good at and on your talents. Do more of what you enjoy! Live a simple life and enjoy the most valuable resource of the decade: TIME!
Post your comments and let me know how you simplify YOUR life and enjoy more TIME!



As I exercise more than 8 times per week indoor, I find myself guilty of not taking enough time to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. We just spent a week in Quebec where we had an amazing time getting energized by the wonders of mother nature. Every Sunday morning, my husband and I are making a priority of going for a fresh walk, if it rains, we take umbrellas and we go anyway!

In 2019, put some outdoor time to your calendar. Even for just a short walk after dinner.


I have cleaned up over the holidays and found an expensive purse that I bought 5 years ago. I was keeping it for the ‘good’ occasions. Well…. it is now out of fashion! It still looks brand new as I used it about once a year.

This year use your favorite purse. Dress up. Eat in your favorite plates with your nice cutlery on your favorite tablecloth. Go ahead… You are worth it!


Eliminate the un-necessary stresses created by clutter in your home. Do you get mad at your underwear drawer every morning as you fight to close it? Take 10 minutes and organize it! Start with little projects, like the baseball hat that has been on the back seat of your car for 2 years. Then take a couple hours and clean up your filing cabinet or your closet. One box to-give-away – one box to-recycle – on box to-keep (it must be really really important to you) – one box that you are not-sure-about (don’t let some items slow you down, if you are not sure, don’t think forever, put them in a Not-Sure-Box).

The least clutter in your life, the more room for abundance to come to you.  It is proven that physical clutter has an impact on our mental health. Get organized and feel great!

If you have a hard time getting rid of something, there is an unconscious reason for it. Remember that it is my speciality to help you find these reasons and make room in your life for the abundance you deserve!


Is your huge 1L bottle of water that you take to the gym enough? Do you live with the illusion that you drink enough water because you chug down two bottles during your fitness class?

We need to drink 8 to 10 cups per day ON TOP of what we drink at the gym. The bottle you carry with you when exercising is only to replenish the water that you lose with sweat. Keep drinking! Always order water at a restaurant, not only will you stay hydrated but it’s also cheaper than any other beverage!


Recent studies show that the difference between overweight people and lean people is that they spend 6.8 minutes more per day shopping and preparing their meals, which contain 6 per cent less fat than eat-out food. You need to make cooking and eating better easier. Planning for your meal will only take 6.8 minutes more on average and you will benefit from the importance of preparing and planning when it comes to our nutrition! #homemade


End your days with a gratitude routine. Researches show that people taking time to be grateful on a daily basis, enjoy the same level of happiness than people winning the lottery. After a year, they are even happier than people who had won the lottery, and after 5 years, they are even wealthier than the lottery winners (who have usually spent it all anyway and are back to square one). You can download my FREE Gratitude form HERE that can also be found in THINK Yourself® GRATEFUL.


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