You are more likely familiar with mission statements, right? If you have a company, or if you work for a company, more likely, there is a sentence that summarizes whatever the mission or the vision of the organization is. Of course, this is really important to know where we're going, and making decisions from a place of vision and mission and values is always better than making them based on behaviors and actions. But just “having a promise statement” does not work. Keep reading or watch the video below for more...

When you have a goal, an objective, when you want to be your best, you need to figure out where you want to go first. It's the first step of all the systems and processes that I use. Then, you chunk it down. You go from there, from the vision, from what you want, and then you set up specific goals, you figure out which strategies you're going to use to get there, and you create a specific action plan.

Why doesn't that work? It sounds so logic. It sounds so great. It's because all of these are statements. They are sentences. You cannot have a vision. It's not a thing that you put in a box and have in a container. It is not something you just plaster on your website either. You have to be it. You have to be your vision. If you say, for example, that your vision in your corporation is to have the best customer service, you cannot have good customer service. You need to demonstrate and be good customer service providers, right? So how do we do that? How do we make this work?

Well, we need to figure out what is holding you back. What is in your way? You can have all the goals and the mission, the vision and know what your values are, but if you are not your values, if you are not your mission, it's because there's something holding you back, so we need to figure that out.

Fear, for example, might be holding you back from doing something you know you can do. You know how very often you're like: "I know I can, but whenever I apply for this promotion or whenever I try to demonstrate to the older leaders in our organization, or whenever I try to find a new client, I freeze, and I know better. I know how to be at my best and somehow I am just not." That could be due to fear or to an emotion or a limiting belief keeping you from being your best.

It can also be a bad habit. How do you face what holds you back? You have to chunk it down, just like Parmesan cheese. Have you ever tried to take a bite out of a block of Parmesan cheese? It's not easy. Cutting it with a knife? Even harder! But if you use a cheese grater, the right tool, it's so much easier to get those smaller little chunks. Identify everything that's in the way of your vision, of your goal, of you being at your best. Find your pet peeves. Find the things that bother you and list them all. Then, chunk them down. What is one action that you can do today to start feeling a little bit better about that? How can you break all the little chunks down and pull them out one by one?

Later on, then you can start being your statement. You can start feeling absolutely amazing and you can stop just saying what your promise statement is. You can start feeling it and being it, and people around you will absolutely notice when you are true to your values and your promise because there will be nothing holding you back.


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