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This week, on the other hand, we dive into the past. 

"Oh, something just happened. Well, that must mean “this”. So therefore, I'm going to start to believe that this will always happen again." As a child, a lot of stuff happens to us, specific situations or events. Being kids, we make our own interpretations of what these situations could mean to us. This interpretation that we made when we were very young can cause a butterfly effect, a snowball effect. Watch the video or read the text below to know what I mean.

Down the road, this little incident that happened a long, long time ago can become an absolute truth. “Well, now I know. Every single time something like this is going to happen, it will always happen that way." For example, something as mundane as being picked last in gym class can become this limiting belief that you aren’t good enough.

You don't have to have been in a burning house or in a huge car accident in order to have experienced some trauma. These little things that may seem harmless are actually root causes of limiting beliefs that are created at a very young age. What happens then, is that we grow up continuing to think these things, and it stems from when we were a child. We were not making any sense at all, but it continued to grow. As we kept thinking the same thing over and over, the neurons in our brain created connections, full-blown synapses. Then, therefore, every single time something happens to us, we continue to go down that route. After a while we realize what’s going on and we think: "Okay, how do I change that?"

I see clients all the time: they sit in my office or on Zoom. They're 45 years old, 60. Every time, I think: "Why? Why haven't we met when you were ten years old? Why haven't we met when you were five years old?"

We’ve been carrying all this stuff for way too long, and it was not even ours to begin with. It had nothing to do with the way we are as a person. Somebody else just made a mistake around us and we thought it was our fault. So many of my clients have been carrying the burden of some of their parents' mistakes on their shoulders because their parents didn't know any better. They’ve been carrying the burden of things that happened that totally traumatized them for no reason at all! An unexplained event or situation, for example.

That's why I worked really hard last year to create a special program for children. THINK Yourself Positive: The Adventures of Captain Vic is a super cute program that I created in collaboration with a wonderful teacher who has been working in schools for thirty-three years!

We put together this program to help kids build self-esteem and perseverance. We have created two versions: A version for parents that want to do the program with their kids, and a version for teachers who want to use that as a learning resource in their school.

We have a free trial available on the website right now! Click HERE to get more information and to start your free trial. To hear Captain Vic’s song, make sure you listen to the video above, at the start of this blog post. 

The program is designed to create a solid foundation for kids so that they can create a base and a strong, solid future. It helps them build their own thoughts instead of just making up a limiting belief that might not be helpful for them down the road.

Hopefully, if you find yourself facing any challenge, you’ll ask yourself: "Why am I thinking this? Is this thought even my own? If I had not been five years old when I started believing this, would I still be this convinced?” With your present-day adult mind, you can control and rewrite the past. You could decide: "Hey, wait a minute, this was wrong. Why am I believing this? This has nothing to do with me and my own value. I am worthy. I am amazing."  It's your responsibility now to identify these thoughts and to transform them, and I can help.

If you want to know more about the THINK Yourself Positive for Kids program, make sure you keep reading! 

"I can't do it. I'm not good."

Parents hear this every day. Research shows that childrens' lack of perseverance and self-esteem impacts their levels of personal and overall effectiveness. This makes parents' lives very challenging. Childrens' negative inner self-talk leads to avoidance of difficult tasks without even making the effort to try. They find excuses when they feel they are not up to the task and they waste valuable time. Busy convincing themselves of their lack of ability, they close themselves off from learning and their future is affected. Feeling defeated and frustrated, these children have a strong tendency to criticize others, act maliciously, isolate themselves, talk back to their parents, be unaware of consequences and have difficulty making friends.

Statistics Canada reports that 31% of children have a low to moderate level of self-esteem. The true potential of children is not being fully realized. Parents who face this common challenge are looking for resources to positively transform their child's inner language.

Fortunately, there is now an affordable, simple and effective solution that directly addresses this problem. THINK Yourself Positive is a ready to use learning resource for parents of children between 5 and 10 years old. It includes an easy to use educational manual, 23 online animations, as well as downloadable materials. Children learn to create the habit of speaking to themselves with positive language through the original adventures of Captain Vic and Captain Miserable. By raising self-esteem, children will have the tools to persevere even if they do not succeed on the first attempt. They build confidence to face new challenges. Trusting their own ability, they are actively involved in their learning. They become proud of what they can accomplish. Empowering the mind at an early age is essential to enabling children to build a solid foundation for their future.

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