THINK Yourself® CLEAN From the Inside Out

September 2017 marked the beginning of an awesome and rewarding collaboration with Tosca Reno. Tosca is a New York Time Best Selling Author and Founder of the Eat Clean® Diet health revolution.  The past decades have borne witness to a dramatic shift in our food landscape.  While calories are plentiful in most places on earth, […]


THINK Yourself® GRATEFUL is coming out June 6th!!!! While this book is only one fraction of the whole system that you learn in the THINK Yourself® book series, it is a great companion for a daily reminder of your goals and keeps you committed to living a truly vibrant life. You are awesome, and I […]


What? #Pitbull? #Mr305? #MrWorldWide on MY CRUISE? yes!!! The real one! Armando Christian Perez was on board of the #NorwergianBLISS @NorwegianCruiseLine and took us with him on a journey “from a negative to a positive” as he told us the poignant story of his childhood. His ghetto upbringing taught him many lessons that he applied […]