As we are going through uncertain times, I am sharing with you this simple strategy when going through an uneasy period. I am just back from Palm Desert, driving there and back, and I thought that we should all apply this strategy right now. Now for the context of the video: When I recorded this, I was actually still away.  You can watch the video or read the transcript below. Scroll to the bottom after the video as I have added some written content for you to apply right away.

Do you find that when you go on a trip, you spend a lot of time planning? I sure do. So my husband and I are away right now. We are in Palm Desert and it got me thinking that whenever we go on a trip, I spend lots of time planning. I spend time figuring out how we're going to get there. Booking flight, booking train, booking our route if we're going to drive there, what time are we going to leave? Should we try to get on time to avoid the traffic? So when we left from Vancouver to come here, we needed to plan so that we would not arrive in Seattle in the morning traffic. Right? So you plan for your route and for the time that you're going to need for those schedules. And then we read a whole bunch of blogs and a whole bunch of reviews online on hotels we would stop on route.

We planned the itinerary, we decided how many hours we wanted to drive each day and how many days would we take to get all the way here. And as we're going through the trip, we realized that it was great that we had planned because we knew where to go. Right? It's a bit of the same thing when you book a goal for yourself. So when you book the goal for your life, let's say that you want to open your business or you want to become an entrepreneur or you are an entrepreneur, you have your own business and you want to reach a certain amount of business. Do you spend the same amount of time planning your business than you would spend planning for a trip? Do you go study online? What competitors are you going to meet along the way? How long is it going to take you to get there?

Do you look at reviews online, on your market, on the industry that you're in? Do you spend a lot of time like we did when we rented a house here? So we've read so many reviews before choosing the place that we would rent. So do you read reviews on your market and on your business? Where are you going to find your customers? Where do they hang out? What is your goal? What are you going to do? Let's say that you just want to lose 10 pounds. What are you gonna do to get there? How long do you want it to take? When do you want to have lost these pounds? What are all the steps you're going to take?

Once you start your journey, then you don't try to lose 10 pounds on the first day. And when you are starting your business, you're not trying to make six figures on the first week. You want to go one step at a time. And that's what we did. In the video above, I show you a bit of the pictures that I took along the way. We went through many different cities. When we started, all we wanted was to reach Portland. And then after that we drove a little further because Portland is about four hours away and driving 24 hours in order to get to Palm Desert in one day was too much. So we thought we're going to do little chunks. On the first day we were planning on driving about eight hours. So we didn't even plan for eight hours. We thought let's do four hours to start.

So we went for four hours to Portland and then, we went to Eugene. And after that from Eugene, we went to Medford and that's where we slept on the first night in Medford. Then on the next day we went to Sacramento, we had lunch and then from Sacramento, that's when we went to Bakersfield. And then we arrived, after that, through Los Angeles, through L.A. and then we arrived in Palm Desert. So one step, one chunk, at a time. There was no way we would have been able to do that in one day. We had planned. So what are your stepping stones towards your business? So if you go to the end goal and then you backtrack and you say, okay, if we want to be in Palm desert on March 1st, that means if we break it down to three days of eight hours per day for 24 hours, that means we need to leave on the 27th or whatever is your goal. Decide what it is that will need to happen in order to get there, as opposed to work to make $100,000 on the first week. What will need to happen before you get there? So what are all the steps that you're going to breakdown?

So I just thought I would share with you this analogy or simile because it really got me thinking that I don't do enough of this in my own business. And yet, I spent so much time planning for this trip and if I spent maybe a little bit more time planning more of my business the same way that I did my trip - I know I have the skill in order to do it, cause I've done it for my trip - then more likely the success would be easier. I really think so. So have fun planning your trips, have fun, planning your life, your goals, your business or whatever it is that you are planning. Get right into it, get specific and go one step at a time.


This was written about reaching goals, and yet, it is the same strategy that will allow you to get out of the situation we are in right now. One step at a time. Plan your day ahead. What time do you want to get up, what will be your exercise for the day? What activity do you have planned for your kids? What time are you allowing yourself to watch the news? And for how long? What project will you accomplish, what will keep you mind busy creating a plan for your next step, as opposed to just sit and fear the future. Planning will turn you into a “solution-mode”. Plan, plan, plan.

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