Do You Want to Do What I Do?

My niece is learning how to drive and although she has been sitting on the passenger seat of a car for the last decade, observing, she will only become a great driver if she starts practising behind the wheel. It is the same for coaching.

When I started being a Life Coach over 10 years ago, I wish I had the chance to practice right away. It is only when you “drive the car” that you become good at it. I had to study for over a year before I could actually start my practice.

I also wish I had been given all the material and processes that I have developed now, a decade later. I paid tens of thousands of dollars and did two different certifications, two NLP practitioner courses and two Master Practitioner courses. I also did a Master Trainer Course and now I can say that although I believe that all of this time and money was amazing investments, there was not really one course that included the experience I got and the best of each of them. That is why I developed the THINK Yourself® A COACH Online Coaching Certification.

If you want to become a Life Coach, sit down with your client and really make a difference in their life by working on reprogramming their thoughts with my Proven D.N.A. System, the next step for your career may be to join the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY Team and become a Life Coach yourself.

The THINK Yourself® ACADEMY forms and trains Experts with a Proven System to Get your Clients Transformational Results.

25-module course to get you certified to become a Life Coach using the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY D.N.A. System.

This course includes:

Online videos that you can do at your own pace.
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All the processes and forms to download.

1 Call with Nathalie to review your homework.

1 Theory Exam

1 Practical Exam

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