Are you seeking others’ opinions? Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes and ask around to gain clarity? Watch the video or read the transcription to discover an astonishing source of information that you can consult anytime to support you in your decisions.

We’ve all had a friend who’s told us they just thought of something brilliant that’s going to change their life and we're like: “Dude, I've been telling you that very same thing for months! Everybody's been telling you!” But oh no, they got the brilliant idea on their own. So, who came up with it?  You or them?  Both of you did.

People need to generate ideas themselves.  My job is to plant ideas in your head so they can grow until you see them on your own.  If you tell people what to do, most likely they're not going to do it. Even when they specifically ask for advice. My clients are constantly asking: “Nathalie, what should I do?”  It doesn't matter what I think. Even if I give the answer, I may not have the full context because I am not in their shoes and I wasn’t there all their life.  My job is to clear all the stuff that is keeping them from accessing clarity of mind, so they can come up with the idea themselves and generate that light bulb.

So, ask yourself “what am I doing to generate my own ideas?” Tap into your unconscious mind because, as you’ve seen in my previous videos, your unconscious mind is your Personal Assistant at work.  Your logical mind is limited, but your unconscious mind can handle 2.3 million pieces of information every second!  Ask your Personal Assistant for advice. Whenever you're going through a challenge or you're not sure what to do, ask your Personal Assistant to go work for you. It will work hard in the background as you keep doing something else. We're all busy (well maybe not as busy right now because a lot of people are at home and not working during the current confinement), however, usually life is pretty busy.  Or, maybe you are extra busy with kids at home while you’re still working and trying to manage doing everything at once.  You’ve seen in my past videos that emotions are like delivery trucks coming into your driveway, but you’re too busy to unpack them. You don't have time to face them or think about a solution. That’s where your unconscious mind can help. Just tell yourself: “Hey, I'm super busy today, but while I finish what I need to do, why don't you work in the background and solve this for me? Then tomorrow (or when I'm ready) tell me what you figured out.”  

It doesn't matter what I say, what your friends say, what your parents say, or what your kids say.   Even if you ask for advice, at the end of the day, you need to generate the answer yourself.  Definitely keep asking the people around you for information because that forms part of what your unconscious mind uses to help you come up with solutions yourself.  That's why I'm so successful at what I do. I ask the right questions and people are then able to generate the right answers for themselves.  That’s why deep transformation happens for my clients. Their unconscious mind processes the questions I ask until they generate the light bulb.

So start now. Start programming yourself to generate your own light bulbs. Start programming yourself to create answers by asking your unconscious mind to work in the background. Remember, your unconscious mind can process information so quickly that if you’re not giving it things to do it’s usually very bored. Why not using it to its full potential and give it some tasks to do? 

When I go on a trip, I ask my unconscious mind to pack for me because it knows every piece of clothing I own, what my favourites are and how they fit. It knows how I feel when I wear certain pants and remembers which top is too big for me. It remembers everything. My unconscious mind can handle so much more information than my little logical mind could use while packing. So, the night before I need to pack, I ask my unconscious mind to “please pack for me and decide everything I need to take.” The next morning it only takes me 15 minutes and Voila, my suitcase is packed. 

Same thing when I need to write an article.  I write for different magazines, I write my blogs, I write several different things. I always ask my unconscious mind before I go to bed: "while I sleep comfortably (you don't want your unconscious mind to keep you awake) and until I get up super refreshed and rejuvenated tomorrow morning, why don't you go and write this article for me because you know everything that I know and you remember a lot more of it than I do.”  I let my unconscious mind write the article and, in the morning, when I sit at my desk, at the pre-designated time I told it to be ready, it whispers all the answers into my head. My writing goes well because it’s already pre-written by my ‘Personal Assistant’ who worked on it all night.

So, use the power you have inside your brain order to reach your full potential. You already have access to everything you're looking for. All the answers are right there just waiting for you to ask. You are resourceful. You are Awesome. And with a little help or coaching you can figure out anything!


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