When you are failing at something, it is somehow easier to give yourself a kick in the tchagidoowa and turn yourself around. It is when you are ‘succeeding’ or when things are ‘okay’ that you may not even realize that you are stuck. Things are fine! It’s all good. However, your dreams are on the back burner. The things you really want to be doing are still waiting! Your purpose is far from your daily to-do list and it is waiting for you to find the time to really unlock your passion.

“Success traps are harder to get out of than failure traps.”

  • Todd Durkin

This was a great ah-ha moment for me, realizing: “That’s it, that is exactly why some of my clients are reaching out to me. Their life is good. They have a good job, good relationship, good health. Yet, they are not fulfilled. They don’t feel happy. That is why they need my services as a transformation expert. It’s not because their life is falling apart, it is because it is just ‘okay’. So true! Thank you Todd Durkin for this enlightenment, as I participated in his session: Going for Greatness at world fitness expo. Durkin is an internationally recognized Performance Coach, author, speaker, owner of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, leading a team of 38 Fitness professionals. Todd coaches many NFL, NBA and MLB superstars as well as everyday fitness enthusiasts striving for greatness in life. He’s twice been named one of the top 100 most influential people in health and fitness. Todd lives by the words: Passion, Purpose and IMPACT.

He started with no clients, no money, no business experience. Starting with nothing, just a dream. Maxed-out credit cards, training all day in his newly opened gym because he had no clients. He started to visualize his dream, sitting cross-legged imagining what his gym would look like in an ideal world, creating the vibrational energy needed for his dream to come true. His 2000 square foot facility became a 12,000 square foot top of the line training facility.


Here are my notes from his session. Enjoy!


Todd invites us to look back at our own story.

What’s your story?

What are your passions in life?

What is your purpose in life?

“Emotions invokes Motion.”


5 WAYS to create a world-class Training Business

  • Drive revenues
  • Control expenses
  • Take Care of Your Team/Staff
  • Take Care Your Clients, members, customers
  • Take care of you.

Know your Brand promise. Mine is: End Self-Sabotage and Live to Your Full Potential!


5 P’s

Purpose and plan

People (that come to you or your services, people on your team)

Promotion (marketing)

Processes (systems)


Who’s on your team? Hire the right people and Lead them to Greatness. Surround yourself with people that share your values. People don’t need to be managed, they need to be led and taken to their next level. Teach them and provide feedback. Make them feel valued and acknowledged.

“Don’t fall in love with your products or services, fall in love with your People.”

Get in the game. Be involved. Get close to them. Get them connected together.


5 T’s

Test them

Train them

Touch them

Text them

Thank them

Have a rewards program, make people come more than twice a week. Studies show that if people are exercising less than 8 times per month, they are more likely to drop-out. Todd created a Perfect 10 Club and rewards his clients with prizes when they do 10 sessions per month. Retain long term clients. Host events for them, feed them, do some activities.

“90% of your sales come from clients you already have.”

You have to give up “good” to get to “great”.

Where do you spend your time? What are your passions? What do you need to do more? What do you need to STOP doing? Make a To-Do List and and “NOT To-Do List”. Keeping a time journal for a week will allow you to Figure out when you waste your time and you can collect time.

Best way to get out of a whole: Stop Digging.” – Joe Polish



Write down you Top Frustrations, challenges, issues with your business now that you Must Resolve? This includes your 5 P’s.

Based on your content (written or spoken) what 3 ideas – systems – practices – beliefs should you implement into your business to generate more time, energy, or money or freedom?

When are you going to take action?

Visualize the success before the success actually happens.



What is your marketing? Do you have a plan? What is your message?

Make sure you have a platform so that you can bring back people to it in all your marketing efforts.

Macro to Micro:

Curating Content: Video (vlog)  – Youtube – Blog – Email – Social Media Posts

RE-use the same material and transform it on many platforms and make sure you post the links of the other platforms to bring them back to your blog.

People don’t want to be sold, they don’t like to buy, they want to feel something.

3 H’s



Hara (your centre)

Build eman ail list, create content, don’t start selling people. Provide content.

Have a strong opt-in. Offer a handout. Create a VIDEO after people opt-in, example: “Thank you for downloading my 5 secrets to success”

Have a blog. 2000 words to 5000 words. You need 60 to 100 blogs and you republish them with a new title every six months or so. Make sure you have a blurb at the bottom of the blog, call for action.



Create extraordinary content, create a community, tribe, connections.

When people comment, comment back. Create consistency. Build trust.


Great content, be authentic – use FB live once per week – use FB ads $10-$20 per day on targeted facebook ads (don’t boost your posts, use ads) – study the analytics & apply them -Post at least once a day.


Hashtags are important; use in ‘comments’ within 5 minutes – typically at least 5 hashtags.

First hour is really important, keep an eye on your post for engagement. – infographics work well, vertical or 4/6/8 part infographic. Give away stuff. www.canva.comin Instagram, you need lots of emojis and hashtags and you need less text. Make sure you go like the comments that people leave in the last hour to help the algorithm. – Use INSTAGRAM stories 15 sec. – create your bio 70-100 words and make it follow your posts.


What is your brand promise?

What are 3 commitments you can make to improve your marketing efforts?

What are your goals with your marketing?

“Turn it up a notch. On Video, on marketing, if you are Vanilla, no-one watches you.”



“A leader of one, a leader of many, if you can’t lead one, you can’t lead any.”

Take great care of yourself, before you can lead others. Be constantly learning.

Surround yourself with a strong supportive staff.



Write the five things you love to do in life. Here are mine:








Spiritual – inner life – Physical health – Mindset – Family – primary relationships – Professional – Financial – Circle of genius – social – Adventure – Love – Impact – Legacy

Write down the type of wealth you want and what is important to you. Write down your Top Frustrations, challenges, issues with your business now that you Must Resolve? This includes your 5 P’s. Choose one and start with one thing.

Todd is the real deal! I have been following him for almost a year and he sure inspire me to be my best! You can connect with Todd at

I hope you enjoyed my notes. It is always a pleasure to share with my tribe! I don’t know about you, in my case, every time I attend a conference or seminar, I end up with a long to-do list and sometimes a feeling of overwhealm when I feel that not enough boxes are ticked from what I have learned I should be doing. The key is to do one thing at a time. Start now with one thing. Hey, you have read all of this so far and this is already a great start!

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