Let's talk about spring cleaning. And no, I am not talking about the Tupperware drawer that you can hardly close. I know you know which one I'm talking about! I'm talking about spring cleaning our mind. Life is going really fast. There are tons of changes that we are facing, and let's not forget the ones we have faced in the past three years too! Change is the only constant in life, and there will be more. Therefore, we need to adapt...

If we do nothing and we hope that something magical happens, it will not fix the fact that maybe our business is not thriving, or that maybe our life is not really the life that we've been wanting. If you're not living the dream, there is something you can do.

This is why today, I'd like to share six keys that might help you thrive through that change.

When so many things are changing, we're just busy trying to survive and adapt, and we sometimes forget to be who we want to be. We forget to live the life we want to live, and we forget the projects that are really important to us and the actual purpose of why are we doing it all. Ready to clean? Let's go ahead...

S PRING: Start

Just start. You don't need to be good at something in order to start it, but you need to start it in order to be good at it. We have to be willing to take some risks. We have to try jumping without a parachute. We have to put ourselves out there and just do it. Start that project. Start putting yourself out there!

S P RING: Productivity

Productivity is not about simply doing things faster, or about ignoring all the things you have to do in hopes that they will eventually disappear. Spoiler alert: they don't. We need to prioritize. But how do you do that when there's so much going on? Productivity is always easier when you schedule the things you have to do and prioritize them in alignment with your purpose.

If you go back to the goal behind it all, then it's much easier to focus on that purpose and say no to everything else. Ask yourself: "Does that really contribute to my ultimate purpose?" If the answer is yes, there you go. If not, then you're just being distracted here.

SP R ING: Resilience

Change is not always fun. Very often, we respond to change and we don't like it. If you are managing a team, for example, you may get some pushback when you make some changes, but they need to happen! We need to be resilient. In order to do that, we have to take the time to be willing to learn. Take a break and acknowledge it: "Okay, there is a change. I'm not comfortable with it, so I'm just going to recover, and then, I will be able to respond to this change with an enthusiastic attitude as opposed to being afraid or anxious about it. I will be curious. How is it going to be a good thing in the end? What am I going to learn? What am I going to become better at?"

Resilience is taking the time to take a breather and then deciding how you want to respond and react to change.

SPR I NG: Identity

When facing change, we have to look at ourselves as well. Is there anything in your own personality that you wish was different? Sometimes, it's very easy to point fingers at everybody else, when potentially there's something that you could do yourself in order to be better understood. Look at all the things you love about yourself, about your identity, and look at the things that you'd like to change.

If there's anything that you would like to be more of, just know that you can be. Your personality is not set in stone. Have a look at your identity and become the person that you really want to be.

SPRI N G: Nice

In doubt, just be nice. I have to say that people will always remember how you make them feel. And sometimes in the name of productivity and reaching goals, you may forget to be nice. Or maybe there's just so much going on, and you respond in a way that surprises even you! You know, when you're in the kitchen cooking and you're thinking about that office problem or that overdue bill, and you're getting stressed out? Then your daughter comes behind you and says: "Hey, mommy." And you go: "What?!" You know that this is not how you wanted to respond, but there's so much stress accumulation in your prefrontal cortex that you are in overload.

You know exactly what you wanted to say. You wanted to say: "Hey sweetie, what can I do for you?" But somehow, you responded with something else. Make time to clean what's in the drawer. What is making you respond like that? That's what I do. I help my clients get rid of all the things that are holding them back so that they can quickly respond at their very best.

Because very often, especially if you're an entrepreneur, or if you're working in a corporation in a senior role, the decisions you make are worth thousands of dollars. You don't have time to start responding in emotion or based on past limiting beliefs. You have to respond calmly with the best of yourself.

SPRIN G: Genuine

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you are doing or how you're trying to respond. You need to be yourself, because who you are will always win. When you are at your very best, that's when you feel like you can thrive through any change, and you can have that "bring it on" attitude, because you are genuinely yourself and confident. The very best project that you will ever work on is yourself. You first. Then, you can take care of everybody else.

Happy SPRING cleaning everyone, and I will see you next week!


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