Hey, it's Nathalie with the THINK Yourself ACADEMY. We're going to be talking today about five ways to be more confident at work. The very first one is to tell yourself...

1. "I just don't know this yet."

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, there might be something you don't know yet, and it's okay. Very often, this causes for us to be less confident, because if we don't know something, we feel like a loser. It's okay: You just don't know this yet, and there's a way for you to learn. Get at it!

Get to learning. Be a learner and say: "Teach me. Okay, I don't know how to do this. Can somebody help? Please." Asking for help will never diminish your strength. It helps you grow!

2. It's Called Work

It's okay if you don't end each day feeling like you had a blast. Yes, there will be some days where you will get home at night and say: "Well, I've had some good days, but today wasn't one." It's fine! Not every day needs to be a party. It's called "work". Being in the mindset that some days just won't be as great may make you feel better. Bad days make you appreciate more the next days when things are better.

3. It's A One-Time Deal

If you make a mistake, if something is going on in your head, just tell yourself it's temporary. "It's a one-time deal. I made a mistake. It's fine. I can catch up now. I can do something different next time. This is an exception. It almost never happens! Now, I can apply myself and I can fix this."

Whenever you drop the ball or you make a mistake that causes for you to feel less confident, reassure yourself by using these words. You'll do better next time!

4. Set the "Normal" You Want

Set the "normal" that you want. Maybe your work has changed, maybe your business has changed. Maybe the industry that you're in has changed. Sometimes, we are forced to live a normal that is much different than what it used to be, and we feel nostalgic, longing for how it was in the past.

Well, you can set the normal you want. You decide how you set your thermostat. For example, if you feel like you used to be a lot less stressed, it means you can still choose to feel that way, even with everything that is happening. You decide what you want your normal to be.

5. "Work well done makes me feel good."

Often, things that make us feel good are things that aren't necessarily connected to work. They may even me bad for our health. If you had a bad day at work, instead of saying: "Oh, I can't wait for the weekend", or: "I can't wait for my glass of wine tonight", think about rewiring yourself so that you change the definition of what makes you feel good.

If work makes you feel bad, then find something you do at work that makes you feel good. Here's an example of what you could say: "When I apply myself and when I focus on my job, I'm actually really good at what I do. I have the skills, and it makes me feel good to be using these skills." Use your work as the way to make you feel good!

Now, let's reverse the cards. Something happens in your personal life, and you think: "Oh, I can't wait to be at work so that I can make myself feel better." If you create something that makes you feel good at work, then work will make you feel good, and therefore you'll feel a lot more confident with what you do. You'll feel more confident with your business, with your clients, with your coworkers, with your boss, or with whomever you're interacting with.

I hope this helped you ditch the doubt and filled your toolbox with different strategies to boost your confidence in the workplace. Remember: You are awesome! Have a great day, everyone.


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