I am super excited to be coming back to Toronto to present two events with the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY with Mo Hagan! Not only, you get 2 canfitpro CECs per event, you also get a special discount because you are part of my tribe!

THINK Yourself SUCCESSFUL June 9th – 1pm to 5pm

Location: canfitpro Academy, 110 – 225 Select Ave, Toronto, ON, M1X 0B5

Do you self-sabotage? Do you feel that sometimes, an invisible force is making you do the reverse of what you know you should be doing? It may be that your brain is programmed against you. Learn the 3 steps system to reprogram the six key layers of your own brain to succeed in your life and live to your full potential.

THINK Yourself A LEADER June 10th – 12pm to 4pm

Location: canfitpro Academy, 110 – 225 Select Ave, Toronto, ON, M1X 0B5

Have you always wondered why some people seem to be naturally attracted to specific individuals and would follow everything they would say or do? Do you want to propel your position as a leader? In order to get into action, one must get the internal light bulb that will drive them from the inside. Most people seek advice and yet, do what they want anyway. To lead is not to tell people what to do. Leading is teaching others to find out for themselves. Leaders don’t leave an external map for others to follow. They plant internal maps inside people and help them grow their own personal GPS. Let us teach you how to reprogram your brain with the 6 specific keys to leadership and bring success to those following you.

REGISTER NOW to get the DISCOUNTED PRICE. Regular price $120 + GST per event. YOUR Price as a member of my tribe: $79 +GST per event. (enter the code SPECIAL79 at checkout)

OR for a limited time: $99 +GST for both!!!! (enter the code TORONTOBOTH at checkout)

And, you get 4 CEC towards the following canfitpro certifications: PT, FIS, HWL (2 credits per event).

This will sell out quickly with International Presenter and Top Fitness Influencer Maureen Hagan. Register NOW!

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