I work with Organizations who want to Instil
CONFIDENCE and CLARITY in their Team to Increase

Engagement, Performance & Profits.

I work with Organizations who want to Instil CONFIDENCE and CLARITY in their Team to Increase

Performance & Profits.




12 Years of Experience as a 


CAPS - professional speaker

On the National Board of Directors of CAPS


Confidence & Clarity oniine and on-stage presentation - professional speaker

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What Clients Have To Say

"Unlocks potentially MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in revenues."

Greg Schinkle

President of Unique Training Development

"The most HELPFUL & SIGNIFICANT session of the entire CAPS convention. (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers)."

Donald Cooper

International Management Consultant & Business Speaker

"There's PROOF positive that IT WORKS because
there’s a mindshift that happens..."

Sundil Godse

Productivity Expert, Author of Gut! and Fail

"Fast. Succeed Faster. ...very KNOWLEDGEABLE, relatable and able to explain things in a way that everyone both understood and found FUN. My staff have repeatedly brought up her presentation since."

Anthony Crage

Director of Purchasing - SPUD.COM

"I have suggested to our Head Office team that it be viewed as THE STANDARD for how a successful training session should go!"

Nathan Froese

Assistant Store Manager & Grocery Manager - Community Natural Foods

"When Nathalie steps into a room her infectious CHARISM, high ENERGY and ENGAGING personality captures attention... her ability to connect with the audience on both a professional and personal level."

Jen Langan

Western Sales Manager - Indigo Natural Products

"I loved the TECHNIQUE: 'I used to... Now I am...' Thanks a million for that shift!"

Sylvia Plester-Silk

On Purpose Consulting

"I learned how to have the skills to reframe my LIMITING BELIEFS to a statement that I believe in. Thank you for reminding me that the world is waiting for me."

Yvonne Weld

The Weld Group

"Nathalie is powerful speaker with a wealth of knowledge. Nathalie's THINK Yourself® SUCCESSFUL program gave me great ideas to benefit my business."

Charlene Renaud

Precious Pinata

"I learned that money is a gift to share with generosity. Thanks for levelling us all up!"

Louise Karch

Word Glue

''Engaging, thoughtful and informative. Attendees' feedback has been very favourable and we look forward to Nathalie being part of our seminar series yearly.''

Jeannette Savard

Marketing & Production Manager

- The Wellness Show since 1992

“From the first moment I met Nathalie I knew that she was a very caring and warm individual. Nathalie is very professional in all aspects of her business and it is easy to engage in conversation with her and she loves to share her knowledge. Nathalie is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to a partnership again in the future.”

Kelly Kennedy

Sr Sales Associate - Calgary Woman's Show - Canwest Productions Inc.

"The Grocery team took a lot away from your presentation. You are a tough act to follow as we had a grocery meeting after."

James Dergousoff

Store Manager - Choices Market on the Drive

"Our staff found that Nathalie was very thorough in her training with us.  Prepared and engaging."

Rosemarie Van Tol

Grocery Manager, Purchaser - Nature's Fare Markets

"What I really appreciated is how to be my New Me and to clear out un-needed stuff to actualize my goals."

Wanda Davis


"I learned that Action pays off, that language is everything and that I am a great speaker and that I have a story that needs to be told!"

Maureen (Mo) Hagan


"I learned from your message how to make change from the inside out."

James Todd

Inside Innovation

"I was really interested in your series of emails and how to provide escalated goods-services-programs. Thank you so much!"

Merri Macartney


"Nathalie is a natural and inspiring speaker. I love learning how to reprogram my brain for success using easy tips and information. I also loved: "Act as if it's an emergency!"

Allyson Lee


"Fantastic inspirational meeting! Thank you! I love the 'I used to... now I am...' "

Megan O'Neil

Focus Company


  • Brain 1-0-1 : Learn neuroscience (in layman’s terms) that can exponentially unlock your organization’s potential.
  • Tap into the astonishing power of the brain to increase performance.
  • Discover how reprogramming your team‘s internal negative self-talk can transform your organization from the inside out.
  • Dismantle Internal Barriers that lead to toxic Environment.
  • Create an environment that promotes engagement & staff retention.
  • Identify your team members’ personality style and how to better collaborate, communicate, influence and get along with each style.
  • Develop strategies and learn specific techniques to defuse the limiting beliefs keeping your organization from growing at its full capacity.
  • Increase global performance starting from the power within each individual comprised in your organization.
  • Empower and re-motivate each team member to trust themselves, give their 100% and work at their full potential.

THINK Yourself®

It is fascinating how people know exactly what to do, and yet, sometimes, they do the reverse. They let their negative self-talk affect their productivity and get stuck in their own limiting beliefs, which affects your organization's bottom line.

Self-Sabotage, internal barriers and interpersonal relations are huge threats to your business. A demotivated employee or high turnover are highly expensive. Staff retention relies on relationships. People don’t leave their job; they leave their boss or the co-worker they can’t stand.

Reprogramming your staff’s mind and making sure they can communicate effectively within and outside the organisation will exponentially increase the company profits.

The THINK Yourself® ACADEMY trainings and workshops are designed to change your staff’s internal self-talk and teach them how to work at their full potential so that your organization will TRANSFORM from the inside out!

Keynotes & Workshops

think-yourself-confident-professional speaker
THINK Yourself

Confidence & Clarity to reach peak performance

Lack of self-confidence & clarity creates internal barriers that lead to toxic environment, demotivated employees and high turnover which are huge threats to your organization and highly expensive. You want your team to give their 100%?

Nathalie's keynote is engaging, fun and filled with stories and analogies. It is neurosciences in laments terms. Brain 1-0-1, allowing your team to tap in the astonishing power of their own mind. The proven D.N.A. System she shared in her 8 International No.1 Bestsellers will empower your team to work at their full potential, which can exponentially increase the company profits.

think-yourself-relationship pro
THINK Yourself

People don't Leave Their Job. They Leave the boss they don't respect or the Co-worker They Can't Stand.

think-yourself-relationship pro-professional speaker

Conflict Resolution, - Teamwork - Communication - Collaboration - Leadership - Sales - Influence - Connect - Get Along. Including the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personal Assessment Tool.

A demotivated employee or high turnover is highly expensive. Staff retention relies on relationships. People don’t leave their job; they leave the boss they don't respect or the co-worker they can’t stand. Reprogramming your staff’s mindset and making sure they can communicate effectively within and outside the organisation will exponentially increase the company profits.

think-yourself-confident-professional speaker
THINK Yourself

Confidence & Clarity

Recent statistics show that 85% of people suffer from lack of self-confidence in at least one area of their life. They endure ongoing and exhausting negative self-talk and waste valuable time and energy convincing themselves they are not up to the task or are not good enough. A lot of entrepreneurs are building their business “on the side” and have to stick with their full-time job to make ends meet.

Do you have a dream on the back burner? Have you ever caught yourself doubting that you will ever be successful with your business? Learn from 8 times No.1 Bestselling Author and Confidence Expert, the key to unlock your full potential. You will discover the proven system that will propel you to live the life you want. You will discover strategies to transform negative self-talk and your own limiting beliefs into a serving force that will empower you to find confidence and clarity within so you can make money living from your passion.

THINK Yourself


think-yourself-a-business-pro-professional speaker

You get lots of followers on Social Medias but somehow, it doesn’t translate into money in your bank account. In many industries, exchanging time for money is the norm. All the sweat and hard work that you put into becoming the expert that you are today is not necessarily fully compensated with the hourly rate your clients pay. Bringing your business online, or part of it, will contribute to generate income when you are not necessarily with your clients. 

Learn from 8 times No.1 International Bestselling Author how to build a brand, find a niche, create a legacy follow-up series for your ‘fans’ to become clients. You will learn the 10 steps to a successful business and walk away with a concrete plan and proven strategies. 

THINK Yourself

The D.N.A. System to Reprogram Your Brain and Wire Yourself for Success

Do you self-sabotage? Do you feel that sometimes, an invisible force is making you do the reverse of what you know you should be doing? It may be that your brain is programmed against you. Learn the 3-step system to reprogram the six key layers of your own brain to succeed in your career and personal life, and live to your full potential.

  • Learn from No.1 Best Seller THINK Yourself® SUCCESSFUL the 3 steps system to reprogram your own brain & wire yourself for success
  • Understand how neuroscience can help you succeed
  • Discover how to reprogram negative self-talk
  • Learn the causes of self-sabotage, how to avoid it and thrive.
  • Find out how to use your brain as your own personal assistant.
THINK Yourself

3 courses: THE BASICS - PART ONE - Part two

think-yourself-a-tech-pro-professional speaker

"Online" may be the new norm. Were you taken off-guard? Do you need help to get set up and turn your business around? 

Do you seem to be running out of time? You have so much to do and you can’t seem to stay on top of the latest and greatest? Learn the basics of getting online and 20 quick tips to put technology to your advantage, save time, be more efficient, organized, work faster, smarter and make you look brilliantly productive! Propel your business with technology! 

Note: Nathalie is a brain specialist and transformation expert, not a techy. She is an entrepreneur just like you, and she uses technology to save time. This is not a professional tutorial on how to use any of these apps and platforms. Just a few things Nathalie discovered that saves her tons of time. This session is for you if you have never heard of text replacement, Bonjoro, DocScan, Slidely, Screenflow, Upwork, Pretty links, Zoom appearance touch-up, TripCase, etc.

THINK Yourself

the proven keys to inspire Financial CONFIDENCE

think-yourself-wealthy-professional speaker

You're smart. And, you want to feel more confident with your money and the decisions you make. You know that when you take control of your money, you take control of your life.

Where do you start when you're a busy professional with very little time? Where do you start if you're not feeling particularly financially successful? How do you stop your negative self-talk about money when you're not financially inclined?

think-yourself-a-leader-professional speaker
THINK Yourself

The D.N.A. System to Reprogram Your Brain for Leadership

think-yourself-a-leader-professional speaker

Have you always wondered why some people seem to be naturally attracted to specific individuals and would follow everything they would say or do? Do you want to propel your position as a leader in you industry or within your organization? In order to get into action, one must get the internal light bulb that will drive them from the inside. Most people seek advices and yet, do what they want anyways. To lead is not to tell people what to do. Leading is teaching others to find out for themselves. Leaders don't leave an external map for others to follow. They plant internal maps inside people and help them grow their own personal GPS. Learn how to reprogram the six key layers of your brain to step into any leadership role.

THINK Yourself
A COACH - Fitness Edition

don't just be a trainer. Be a coach

think-yourself-a-coach-fitness-edition-professional speaker

You are a great fitness instructor or personal trainer but you don’t know how to deal with your clients’ daily dramas…. Discover how adding extra dimensions to your personal training business can generate faster results for your clients, more money for you and set the base for a higher client retention and referral rate. You will leave with easy to apply Life Coaching Skills, and tips on how to leverage your business. THINK Yourself® A COACH will position you as the fitness Pro who delivers RESULTS!

THINK Yourself

Create Rapport, Connect, Serve, Solve, Sell

think-yourself-a-sales-pro-professional speaker

You are great at what you do but you would rather go without having to ''sell your services’'. Discover how adding extra dimensions to the way you sell your business can generate a greater income for you, greater satisfaction for your clients, and set the base for a higher client retention and referral rate. You will leave with easy to apply skills, a revamped relationship with money and a new mindset about the way you see yourself as a Sales Pro.

Learn the 3 steps system to reprogram your own brain and wire yourself for success

  • Understand and apply communication skills when selling.
  • Identify your Internal Driver & your Personality Style-LIST.
  • How to reprogram negative self-talk & self-sabotage and thrive.
  • How to use neuroscience when selling products and services.
  • How to revamp your relationship with money.
  • How to use your brain as your own personal assistant.
THINK Yourself

The D.N.A. System to Reprogram YourSELF to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

think-yourself-thin-professional speaker

Are you tired of promising yourself that this will be the year you finally lose weight? Do you follow a good diet and exercise program and are still overweight? Why are you self-sabotaging yourself? Learn from No.1 Best Seller Think Yourself® Thin the DNA System to reprogram your own brain to lose weight and keep it off.

THINK Yourself

27 Simple, Practical Applications
for a Vibrant LifE

think-yourself-healthy-professional speaker

You just ate a cookie. Oops. You might as well eat the whole box now, right? Your day is ruined anyway.

How do you trick yourself into showing up to a workout? What should you order in a restaurant? Should you eat before a workout? How do you prepare to eat optimally all week? These and many more common questions are answered in these simple tips from my own life. 

The Approach

In her workshops and seminars, Nathalie P. teaches your team how to reprogram their brain to accomplish everything they are setting their minds to. She empowers them to reach their goals all while increasing efficiency.

Nathalie P. personalizes her training format to meet your needs, including seminar format, single or multi-day workshops or corporate off-site retreat, etc.

The DNA System

The structure of the system is simple. Pretend you want to make changes in your home. You are unhappy with a few rooms in your house. You have an objective: Guests are coming in a few months and you want to make a few upgrades before they arrive.

The first step is to decide which room in your home you want to start with. Which room will have the most impact and will provide you with the most satisfaction? You need to establish the vision of the new room. Let's say you have decided on re-modelling your kitchen, you would decide on hardwood floors, cupboards, countertop, pain, color, etc. In a business project, it translates to establishing goals, objectives, detailed targets and timeframe.

The DNA System-professional speaker
clear-your-mind-professional speaker

The second step is demolition and cleaning. Before installing the new cupboards, you will need to remove the existing ones, as it is impossible to install new cupboards on top of the old ones. There is a need to eliminate limiting beliefs, negative emotions and barriers and change neuro pathways in the brain in order to re-create new ones.

Once you have created space, you can install and secure the new floors and cupboards. You are mentally ready to install new behaviours and beliefs along with the action plan you elicited in step one. You can operationalize the objectives.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

is a CONFIDENCE Expert.

She is the EXPERT with a PROVEN SYSTEM to get transformational results. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering leading edge courses, trainings and events. She combines over 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years of experience in sales and over 30 years in the fitness industry. In 2007, she was "Fitness Instructor of the Year" for Canada. She is a dynamic, engaging and professional speaker who gets you hooked with relatable stories and analogies. Along the past 30 years, she has inspired over 100,000 audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally. She is on the board of directors of CAPS, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. She explains neurosciences in laymen’s terms. Brain 1-0-1. She is a No.1 International Best-selling Author of fifteen books on success, wellness communication, and empowerment.

''You can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink''. 

Somehow, Nathalie can.


CAPS Member - Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas



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