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  Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Our team members sometimes need more confidence in their role, with their project or with the systems they are using
    (vs doubting, giving up, sending the ball to someone else).
  • Our industry is facing changes and we need to increase resiliency, decrease resistance to change and transform mindsets
    to see change as an opportunity (vs feeling defeated).
  • Our team members do not always give their 100%.
    We need to equip them with strategies to access their best self, decrease complacency and increase responsibility.
  • Our team members face stress, juggle with multiple challenges at once or are required to work at a fast pace. We need to provide tools to turn off the panic button and strategies to bring them into a more resourceful state
  • Our directors and managers need to act on facts and make strategic decisions based on their skills and experience instead of reacting out of emotions, stress, fast-paced environment and overwhelm.
  • Our team members sometimes face personal problems which may affect their overall performance at work. We need to provide support so they can get rid of what is holding them back and increase their focus.
  • Our team members don’t all get along and we need to improve collaboration, listening and communication (vs silo work, conflicts, jealousy, back-stabbing and misunderstanding)


What Clients Have To Say


Along the past two decades, Nathalie has inspired over 100,000 audience members internationally with her high-energy and dynamic presentation style. She is known for her use of metaphors, hilarious stories and fun interactive segments.

BRAIN 1-0-1

She makes neurosciences available in laymen’s terms. In a nutshell, she teaches  how the brain works, how people use it wrong, and what to do to make it work for you.


She is not only captivating and entertaining, she provides simple and concrete tools for the audience to implement the knowledge right away into their daily lives. Most meeting professionals acknowledge that one of the most common challenge is not that they can’t find eloquent speakers with a high level of expertise.

It is easy to find experts. The challenge is the fact that a month later, when you ask the audience what they remember from the keynote speaker, most have already forgotten.


Nathalie provides a multi-touch-points-follow-up-approach that will ensure transformation to happen at a deeper neurological level and a longer-term impact.


Being a brain nerd, she likes numbers. She always surveys her audience before and after to provide stats on her level of impact so that you can measure your return on investment ROI. On average, the audience’s confidence increases 170% after her keynote. She also measures the long-term impact a month later for message retention and application of the concepts and tools.


She provides custom-made content for each presentation, immersing herself in the audience’s world with hundreds of questions for the meeting organizer, to amplify the impact of the message as they recognize their own reality in the stories, content, and examples.

Keynotes & Workshops

think-yourself-confident-professional speaker

CONFIDENCE to Ignite Performance, Thrive through Change & Unlock Full Potential

On the surface, most people are reasonably confident. But the challenge is: there has never been a time when things were happening faster than today. Juggling with multiple challenges at once is common. With the layers of stress people are already buried under, high-stakes decisions are sometimes clouded by emotional drama or limiting beliefs, instead of being made based on skills and experience.

Studies reveal that 85% of people suffer from a lack of self-confidence in at least one area of their lives.

“It’s never going to work! I will never reach my target numbers! No way I can apply for this leadership position!”

Negative self-talk adds an extra layer of self-doubt which creates procrastination, resistance to change, stress, anxiety, and burnout. These feelings of powerlessness, frustration, and insecurity lead to low overall performance. Bottom line: whether on a personal or professional level, most people admit to not working—or living—at their full potential.

“If you don’t learn to control your thoughts & emotions, they will control you!”

Nathalie's keynote LIGHT UP YOUR INNER FIRE is engaging, fun and provides mind blowing neuroscience in layman’s terms on how people use their brain wrong and proven strategies to make it work for you. Discover how your brain influences your actions and decisions, either positively or negatively. Explore the impact of logical and unconscious thinking, as well as negative self-talk, on your goals. Gain practical strategies to overcome self-sabotage and transform your inner dialogue for positive change. Take charge of your brain and unlock your full potential!


  • Brain Basics: Neuroscience and facts about the power of the brain to get you into a resourceful state when you are not at your best.
  • Logical vs unconscious mind: What part of the brain is responsible for people to sometimes do the reverse of what they should be doing.
  • How people use their brain wrong: Learn how the brain can work against you and keep you stuck.
  • What to do to make your brain work for you to reach your goals and be more performant.
  • A two-step technique to transform negative self-talk & limiting beliefs and start the process of rewiring your brain to get rid of what may be holding you back.
  • Start loving your life again and get fired up, not despite of change but because of it.

Understanding and Conquering Procrastination, Overthinking, Bad Habits and Imposter Syndrome

In the fast-paced business world, stressors like imposter syndrome, overthinking, bad habits and procrastination can severely hinder productivity and job satisfaction.

“Studies reveal that 85% of people suffer from a lack of self-confidence, while 70% admit to experiencing imposter syndrome at work. “

Imposter syndrome, marked by feelings of fraudulence and inadequacy, undermines confidence and stifles initiative, leading to missed opportunities and career stagnation. Overthinking traps individuals in analysis paralysis, delaying decision-making and compromising quality, while procrastination and bad habits breeds rushed work, missed deadlines, and heightened stress levels.

“Researches demonstrate that we lose in average 2.5 hours per day in this kind of emotional drama.”

For an organization of 100 employees, at an average of $30 per hour, this translates to a $1,800,000 loss per year. People know what they want or need to do, and yet, sometimes, they do the reverse or do nothing at all, sending the ball over to someone else, wasting valuable time and energy.

GET INTO ACTION explores the reasons behind overthinking, bad habits, imposter syndrome and procrastination. You will acquire a better understanding of how to break free from these toxic cycles and take action towards achieving your goals. You will leave with practical strategies to implement immediately that will contribute to cultivate environments conducive to innovation, productivity, and well-being.


  • Why do we procrastinate, overthink, self-sabotage?

  • What causes imposter syndrome
  • Types of procrastination.
  • Four stages of learning.

  • How to identify the cause of your bad habit: Intention Behind the Behaviour.

  • Strategies to exit a toxic emotional loop.

  • Powerful questions to ask yourself to get into action.

  • How to eliminate distractions and tackle a task ahead?

think-yourself-relationship pro

Conflict Resolution & Collaboration

think-yourself-relationship pro-professional speaker

People don’t leave their job.

they leave the boss they don’t respect

or the co-worker that drives them nuts!

Demotivated employees and high employee turnover rates are extremely costly. Presenteeism, where employees show up at work, but not to work, is also a huge, often overlooked, financial drain. Strong interpersonal relationships are critical for a healthier, happier, and ultimately more profitable business.  

Equipping your team with tools to recognize their own personality style and to learn what motivates them will create a more positive workplace environment that focuses on their strengths. Using the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personal Assessment Tool, this workshop helps participants to learn more about themselves – leading to better communication skills and stronger interpersonal relationship.

Teaching your employees how to recognize their own style along with the style of their co-workers, subordinates, and superiors, will give them a better understanding of the differences between personality types.

Giving them tools to communicate effectively with each style will ensure everyone feels heard and appreciated, creating an environment of respect, camaraderie, and collaboration.

Making sure they can communicate effectively within and outside the organization will foster an environment that reduces your employee turnover and absenteeism rates and allow for a workplace where people truly enjoy spending five days a week. Yes, going to work really can be FUN!


  • Leveraging Differences: Discover the 4 personality styles using the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personality Assessment Tool and tap into the strengths of the Leader, the Influencer, the Supporter, and the Thinker.
  • The 6 Levels of Success: Understand the 6 key levels of a person’s self that need to be addressed to implement positive change.
  • Busting Silos: How to create an environment that promotes more collaboration and camaraderie.
  • Say What? Learn specific language that will help everyone communicate better with each style.
  • Shifting from Conflict to Cooperation. Improve your employees’ listening skills so that everyone feels truly heard and appreciated. Learn what buttons to not press with each style to avoid or resolve conflicts and manage difficult conversations.
  • Keeping Your Employees:  Increase employee retention & improve team dynamics by identifying limiting beliefs, reframing those beliefs, and understanding what values matter to each style.
  • Trust Me! Create a psychologically safe space for more open and honest interaction between each style by understanding who employees are as individuals. Increased trust and respect happen when employees see each other as people beyond their titles or ranks in the company.
  • Working on Purpose. Learn your employees’ internal drivers and what motivates them to come to work every day and how to inspire them to give their best.

think-yourself-a-leader-professional speaker

Strategies to Transform Stress, Overwhelm, Self-Sabotage and Negative Self-Talk to Thrive Under Pressure and Change

In today's fast-paced business world, professionals face a multitude of challenges, making quick, high-stakes decisions. Change is constant. Highly experienced professionals that could do their job with their eyes closed are finding themselves in overwhelm mode. Struggling with uncertainty impacts their ability to learn new skills or adapt to change.

“This is so uncomfortable. I’ve never done that before. It’s never going to work.”

Stress and panic can impair performance and productivity, leading to disengagement, absenteeism and may even result in burnout, affecting both individuals and the company's bottom line. It’s not really people’s fault. The brain loves repetition and generalization. It is hardwired to resist change.

“The brain perceives change as a threat and generates pain comparable to when receiving a punch in the face.”

TURN OFF THE PANIC BUTTON provides insights into stress management, identifying avoidable worries, understanding stress's brain mechanisms, and employing coping strategies. Equipped with specific tools and strategies to focus thoughts and control emotional loops, the change experience is far less stressful. This new gained confidence allows to turn off the panic button and thrive under pressure.


  • How are emotions and stress created in your brain?
  • Learn how most of what we worry about can be avoided.
  • Discover four brain functions that can play tricks on you.
  • What is the purpose of powerful emotions?
  • How long should be an emotional loop and how to exit the loop when you get stuck?
  • Concrete strategies to create positive bio-chemical reactions in your brain.
  • Powerful questions that work on the spot to interrupt overthinking, stress, anxiety, negative self-talk, and step into a more resourceful state.


Simple, Practical Strategies for a Vibrant Life

think-yourself-healthy-professional speaker

A growing body of literature underscores the connection between health and productivity. According to research, people who eat healthy are 25% more likely to perform better at work, while people who exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes are 15% more likely to perform better at work.

“People who eat healthy are 25% more likely to have a higher job performance.”

Healthy people have greater physical energy and mental acuity, take fewer sick days, and are more likely to remain longer in their jobs. Healthy people recover from illnesses sooner and are at a lower risk of succumbing to a long-term debilitating illness. Study after study makes it clear: Investing in your team’s health and fitness saves companies enormous amounts of unnecessary costs, making

it well worth the financial investment.

Most people probably know what they need to do to stay healthy, but too often they find excuses.

“I have no willpower!” or “I’m too busy!”

HEALTHY = PRODUCTIVE will equip your team with concrete strategies that will help them overcome those excuses. How to talk yourself into exercising, how to transform limiting-beliefs about health, and how to create habits that lead to permanent results. They will discover the keys to a vibrant life through simple and effective strategies they can apply in their everyday life.


  • Uncover myths and understand the many benefits of health.
  • How willpower comes from within.
  • 6 levels of a person’s self.
  • 4 keys to creating an environment that promotes better health.
  • 6 key behaviors to adopt for a healthier daily lifestyle.
  • 4 skills to take health to the next level.
  • 6 common limiting beliefs that can hold people back.
  • 3 common identity anchors that weigh people down.
  • How to stay motivated and inspire others.
think-yourself-confident-professional speaker

Fast-Track Success

If a leader in the organization has been back-stabbed in their previous position, they may have a harder time trusting their team now. What is a team without trust?

If a manager has experienced a personal trauma even way back in their childhood, or is currently going through a divorce, has a substance-abuse problem, has difficulties communicating with their teenage-daughter or whatever is occupying their mind, they don’t leave these thoughts in the parking lot when they arrive at work.

Our past and current experiences influence our day-to-day decisions, which impacts the organization’s bottom line.


Even people who brush their teeth on a regular basis, floss, rinse, etc. still need to go the dentist a few times per year. We cannot fix a cavity ourselves just by brushing and flossing our teeth. The dentist has special tools to scrape all the unwanted stuff off our teeth and fill the cavities. We are not bad people because we need to go to the dentist. There are things we just cannot remove or fix ourselves. It is the same for our brain.

Think of Nathalie like a dentist for your brain. She uses specific processes to disconnect the emotional connection from the events impairing your judgement and keeping you from being your best.

Everybody needs a good clean up once in a while even if they have a perfect dental hygiene routine!



Start off your team monthly meeting with a Boost

You choose your topic (can also be custom-made for you) and Nathalie will prepare short 10-minute segments so that your team gets monthly confidence boosts before starting your meeting. (+ possibility of adding 5 min. Q&A)

  •  Procrastination
  • Avoid Being Overwhelmed
  • Are You a Natural Leader?
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Ahhh... Sleep
  • Staff Retention
  • Stop Self-Sabotage
  • 3 Steps to Success
  • Overthinking
  • 3 Keys to Take Care of Yourself
  • Get Your D.O.S.E.: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins
  • Technique to Avoid Conflict
  • Create a New Habit in 4 Steps
  • How to Fix Your Mistakes
  • 3 Motivators that Drive Us Forward
  • 4 Key Personality Types for Efficient Communication
  • Questions to Ask When You’re on the Verge of Panicking
  • Overcoming your Industry’s Limiting Beliefs
  • Keys to Maintain Motivation
  • Get Into Solution-Mode
  • Trusting Them Instead of Doing it for Them
  • 3 Sentences to Empower Team Members
  • 3 Keys to Face a Huge Challenge
  • 4 Ways Your Brain Plays Tricks on You
  • 4 Tips for a Healthy Environment
  • 7 Skills & Behaviors to Be Healthy
  • 5 Beliefs that Can Improve your Health
  • 5 Tips to Forge Your Identity
  • Simple Tips to Include Mindset to Exercise & Nutrition
think-yourself-confident-professional speaker



A Confidence Boost delivered right into your inbox

You choose your topic (can also be custom-made for you) and Nathalie will prepare short 60-second segments that will be emailed directly to your team once a week. 

  • Get Rid of Distractions
  • Avoid Conflict
  • Adapt to Fast
  • Why People Resist Change
  • You Have Your Own Flair
  • It Is Temporary
  • Take Turns
  • Try Something New
  • Stop Playing It Safe
  • Avoid Obstacles
  • How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed
  • Deal with the Nagging Things
  • High Standards & Imposter Syndrome
  • The Brain Distorts
  • Anxiety & Confidence
  • Compare Yourself with Yourself
  • Keep At It
  • Confidence & Satisfaction
  • We Are There for Each Other
  • You Don't Need to Check all the Boxes
  • Focus Your Attention
  •  Chunk it Down
  • Change Your Posture
  •  Action
  • The Brain Remembers
  • Does it Have to Be Done?
  • Almost
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Success Trap
  • Are You a Natural Leader
  • The Brain Generalizes
  •  You Are Awesome!


Confidence Through Our Internal Drivers

Have you ever hired a manager based on their perfect answers during the interview process only to discover after their three months review that they were not a good match for the job and the team after all? Have you ever started on a position that you loved at first sight only to dread Monday mornings down the road?

You are not so sure how to prevent these situations from happening, nor how to fix it when they occur. They can be explained, prevented and rectified using people’s internal drivers or meta programs.

Meta-programs are mental shortcuts that direct your decisions, behaviors, actions and interactions with others. They are systems that control other mental processes at a higher level (meta).

- You spend thousands of dollars in recruitment fees to find the right candidates for your leadership roles. Nathalie helps narrow down the choice by conducting a Meta Program Interview during the hiring process. Depending on the role you are hiring for and the meta programs of the rest of team,, a specific set of internal drivers will be designed for the position.

Meta Programs interview with the existing team to make sure they are in the right role. Initially it was thought that Meta Programs could not be changed, that they were "hard-wired" features which varied from one person's brain to another. But research by Robert Dilts led to the discovery that Meta Programs could, indeed, be modified, nuanced, and even replaced. Nathalie works one-on-one with your key team leaders or team members that need to acquire a specific mental process that would benefit their role.

"Unlocks potentially MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in revenues."

Greg Schinkle

President of Unique Training Development

"The most HELPFUL & SIGNIFICANT session of the entire CAPS convention. (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers)."

Donald Cooper

International Management Consultant & Business Speaker

"There's PROOF positive that IT WORKS because
there’s a mindshift that happens..."

Sundil Godse

Productivity Expert, Author of Gut! and Fail

"Fast. Succeed Faster. ...very KNOWLEDGEABLE, relatable and able to explain things in a way that everyone both understood and found FUN. My staff have repeatedly brought up her presentation since."

Anthony Crage

Director of Purchasing - SPUD.COM

"I have suggested to our Head Office team that it be viewed as THE STANDARD for how a successful training session should go!"

Nathan Froese

Assistant Store Manager & Grocery Manager - Community Natural Foods

"When Nathalie steps into a room her infectious CHARISM, high ENERGY and ENGAGING personality captures attention... her ability to connect with the audience on both a professional and personal level."

Jen Langan

Western Sales Manager - Indigo Natural Products

"I loved the TECHNIQUE: 'I used to... Now I am...' Thanks a million for that shift!"

Sylvia Plester-Silk

On Purpose Consulting

"Nathalie is able to connect genuinely with her audience.  Her enthusiasm is palpable and she radiates positivity.  She is able to motivate her audience to take action.  Her professionalism is unparalleled."

Mary Romas


"I learned how to have the skills to reframe my LIMITING BELIEFS to a statement that I believe in. Thank you for reminding me that the world is waiting for me."

Yvonne Weld

The Weld Group

"Nathalie is powerful speaker with a wealth of knowledge. Nathalie's THINK Yourself® SUCCESSFUL program gave me great ideas to benefit my business."

Charlene Renaud

Precious Pinata

"I learned that money is a gift to share with generosity. Thanks for levelling us all up!"

Louise Karch

Word Glue

''Engaging, thoughtful and informative. Attendees' feedback has been very favourable and we look forward to Nathalie being part of our seminar series yearly.''

Jeannette Savard

Marketing & Production Manager

- The Wellness Show since 1992

“From the first moment I met Nathalie I knew that she was a very caring and warm individual. Nathalie is very professional in all aspects of her business and it is easy to engage in conversation with her and she loves to share her knowledge. Nathalie is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to a partnership again in the future.”

Kelly Kennedy

Sr Sales Associate - Calgary Woman's Show - Canwest Productions Inc.

"The Grocery team took a lot away from your presentation. You are a tough act to follow as we had a grocery meeting after."

James Dergousoff

Store Manager - Choices Market on the Drive

"Our staff found that Nathalie was very thorough in her training with us.  Prepared and engaging."

Rosemarie Van Tol

Grocery Manager, Purchaser - Nature's Fare Markets

“I've had the opportunity to be in her audience a number of times over the last several years.  Nathalie has the unique ability to connect emotionally with the audience, while at the same time delivering an exceptionally rapid-fire, high-energy presentation.  She has significant depth, yet never comes across in a patronizing fashion.  And she is the "same person" when you talk to her off-the-stage as she is when she is presenting.  It's all the more impressive given that her mother tongue is in French, but her presentations are all in English.”

Randall Craig

CEO, Pinetree Advisors Inc.

Advisor, Author, Hall of Fame Business Speaker

"What I really appreciated is how to be my New Me and to clear out un-needed stuff to actualize my goals."

Wanda Davis


"I learned that Action pays off, that language is everything and that I am a great speaker and that I have a story that needs to be told!"

Maureen (Mo) Hagan


"I learned from your message how to make change from the inside out."

James Todd

Inside Innovation

"I was really interested in your series of emails and how to provide escalated goods-services-programs. Thank you so much!"

Merri Macartney


"Nathalie is a natural and inspiring speaker. I love learning how to reprogram my brain for success using easy tips and information. I also loved: "Act as if it's an emergency!"

Allyson Lee


"Fantastic inspirational meeting! Thank you! I love the 'I used to... now I am...' "

Megan O'Neil

Focus Company

The DNA System

The structure of the system is simple. Pretend you want to make changes in your home. You are unhappy with a few rooms in your house. You have an objective: Guests are coming in a few months and you want to make a few upgrades before they arrive.

The first step is to decide which room in your home you want to start with. Which room will have the most impact and will provide you with the most satisfaction? You need to establish the vision of the new room. Let's say you have decided on re-modelling your kitchen, you would decide on hardwood floors, cupboards, countertop, pain, color, etc. In a business project, it translates to establishing goals, objectives, detailed targets and timeframe.

The DNA System-professional speaker
clear-your-mind-professional speaker

The second step is demolition and cleaning. Before installing the new cupboards, you will need to remove the existing ones, as it is impossible to install new cupboards on top of the old ones. There is a need to eliminate limiting beliefs, negative emotions and barriers and change neuro pathways in the brain in order to re-create new ones.

Once you have created space, you can install and secure the new floors and cupboards. You are mentally ready to install new behaviours and beliefs along with the action plan you elicited in step one. You can operationalize the objectives.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, CSP

is a CONFIDENCE Expert.

Certified Speaking Professional CSP®, Recipient of the Most Empowering Confidence Coach in North America in 2023 and 2021 Canadian Presenter of the Year, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas is a Confidence Expert. She is the author of 18 books, including 12 no.1 bestsellers and a book co-written with Kevin Harrington from the Shark Tank, endorsed by Tony Robbins. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering keynotes and trainings, leading-edge online courses, laser-focus business strategy and one-on-one transformation coaching.

Along the past two decades, she has inspired over 100,000 audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally to get rid of their negative self-talk. She combines over 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years of experience in sales and over 30 years of distinguished service in the fitness industry. She is on the national board of directors of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and received the 2022 and 2023 President’s Award.


CAPS Member - Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

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