Let me take you back about seven years ago. I had been building my business for about 10 years, all the while keeping my full-time job. I was working really hard. I was constantly in front of my computer. I was exhausted I did quit my full-time job eventually, and I fully invested myself in building my business. I would get up at 5:00 AM, and go to bed at midnight. I would try to stay healthy and exercise and do my meditation and post on social media and start a podcast, and... Okay, I was still exhausted. So how did I go from this overwhelming feeling to working nine months a year? Watch the following video or keep reading...

I had zero life balance and I was thinking: "Is that it? My life of an entrepreneur? That's my big dream, but I hate it. I'm working all the time." I would see some of my friends leaving to spend the winter down south, and I just didn't get how they did it. That's when I realized that I had to change the way I worked. I needed to adapt my job to my lifestyle instead of adapting my lifestyle to my work.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and I started to work differently. I started to plan ahead. I started to think of ways to leverage parts of my business, I started automating some stuff so that I didn't have to be there all the time, I hired an assistant to do some of the tasks so I don't have to do everything myself all the time...

As you're reading this, I am planning for our two-month trip, because now, we go down south for the winter, and we rent this little house that's really cool. There's a grapefruit tree in the yard. Every morning we pick a grapefruit, we have our morning workouts and then I work. I still work during that time, but I like to finish early. So I work from 8:00AM to 11:00AM, and then, in the afternoon, we go for hikes and have fun.

I know some of you are thinking, just like I thought seven years ago: "How are they doing this? Wouldn't that be nice?" Well, honestly, I work nine months a year now. I always take a month off at Christmas and I take March and April off to be in Palm Desert, and while it is kind of nice, I did have to plan for it. And you can do it too!

Let me give you an example. Let's say you won a month-long trip to Spain, all expenses paid. What would happen is that you would make it work. You would organize for a babysitter if you have children, you would negotiate something with your boss in order to get some time off, or you would rework your schedule so that you work really hard the month before you go and work really hard the month after you come back. You would make it work, right? Even if the trip was tomorrow and you had to do all this in one day, you would figure it out.

Well, that's what I've done. I've been planning for it. The nine months that I work, I work hard. I spend a lot of time planning, and January and February is always completely nuts, but it's my choice. That's what I want. I want to go away for March and April. So I organized my business and I started building this kind of lifestyle. If a small town girl like me can do it, so can you. Let me just give you a few tips

1. Change that Limiting Belief

This is the very first step. Change that limiting belief in your mind that you will never be able to do this because it's not true, not with the world that we live in, not with what the pandemic has brought us as a gift. Yes, we can work from anywhere. In the digital world, virtual meetings are completely possible, and very practical. Everybody's embracing them now. Now more than ever, this is a possibility for you.

2. Ask Questions

You have to ask questions to those who have done it. I started surrounding myself with coaches. I've hired, in the past seven years, so many different coaches for specific things. One coach specifically for my funnel marketing. One coach for my different speaking engagements, to become a more prominent speaker, to be more eloquent. I have a humor coach to help me with my funny speeches. I've worked with so many different people and I invested in myself. I invested in my business to become the sought-after speaker that I am now.

I 've acquired very specific tools to be able to help my clients, and now, clients are lining up for me. I don't have to seek out clients all the time, because I know what they say about me: "Nathalie, she's the best, but she's very expensive, if you can even get her." I have spent so much time studying and learning, that now I'm sought after. You know, me, I'm the worst at bragging. This right here is not what I'm doing. What I'm telling you is that I'm a small-town girl and there's no way I would've been able to do this if I had not first changed my mindset and found the people that could help me along the way to get there.

 So find the people that will be able to help you and change that mindset. Because if you could work only nine months a year, what would that look like? Start making it a reality for you.


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