How do we get rid of our own limitations? Very often, even though we don't always realize it, we are the ones putting up our different limitations in our goals, in our objectives, in what it is that we want. Today, I'd like to share a love story with you. It happened, true story, to a couple of my friends. Watch the following video or keep reading for the full story...

It all started when I asked them: "How did you guys meet?" That's what inspired me to talk about this today. She lived in Alabama, he lived in Calgary. She set up her dating profile, and just like with any online platform, she could filter the results.

For example, let's say you're shopping for a couch. You go on a furniture store website and select "Living Room". Then, you select "Couches". You choose the color "Black" and select "Leather" for the material. All of a sudden, you go from 5,000 results to about 50, right? It narrows down your search.

Now when we do this, very often, we are also narrowing down our views and we can be setting limits or obstacles to reaching our goals, whether it be finding love, finding staff, finding clients... In our own way, we are narrowing down our criteria. 

So what happened to my friend is that on her end, she had set up her profile by asking for a man that lived in the same area as she did, a man that was about her age... The options her dating app would show her were all options that went along with what she wanted. On his end, he wasn't very good at setting all this up and he had not set up any location filters. He saw Elizabeth's profile, my friend, and he noticed her. He messaged her, even though he was not in her jurisdiction really, because he was in Canada. She started a conversation with him anyway. They chatted for a while, one thing led to the other, and... they got married. They live together now.

It's a beautiful story. All that because he had not set up any limitations. He had not set up too many filters or too many restrictions. Remember this story, because sometimes, we are guilty of being really narrow-minded. Think about children for a second. They don't have any concept of limitations. They can't even walk yet, but they're climbing on the couch already. Right? I remember babysitting our grandson. He was really young and he was a climber. We would go to the park, and the first thing I knew, he was all the way up a tree or something. They have zero concept of limitations.

Let's go back to that time where we didn't set up too many restrictions. Start opening up those criteria and start noticing how many possibilities there are now. The way the world is changing is opening you up to new choices and new opportunities. Jump on that. I don't know if you will find love like my friends or if that's even what you're looking for, but you may find the staff that you're looking for. You may find the next project, the next client, or the next niche that you are looking for. Enjoy your life to its full potential without limits.


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