Welcome back to the Travel Series! We've gone over what you can do before you leave, what you can do while you're there, and now, let's talk about once you get back home. When you get back from a trip, you feel absolutely amazing, so relaxed, and sometimes you're dreading going back to work, right? Keep reading or watch the video below for tips...

#1. Keep it on the Low

Don't tell people you're back. Don't! As I did mention in part one of the series, leave your out of office assistant on for an extra day or so, and they won't know that you are back. This way, you get some time to ease back into it. You don't have to go full on, full speed on your first day back. It's kind of nice to come back a day early, before the world knows that you are back.

#2. Add an Extra Day

This applies to a business trip more than to a recreational trip. In my case, when I go on a speaking engagement and I have a lot of follow ups to do, I always add an extra day after my speaking engagement to finish my work, to do all the follow-ups that I need to do, to "close" that speaking engagement, record Bonjoros, which are a little video message to the people who hired me... There's a lot of afterwards tasks and follow ups that need to be done after a business trip, and I do it from the hotel, because usually, I've been away for two days, three days, and I miss my husband, so I don't want to come home and barricade myself in my office.

Instead of coming home and not being able to be present for my husband, I add an extra day, complete all my follow ups, and then I'm ready to come home. This way, when I do get home, I can be fully there for my family and I don't have to run to my office right away.

#3. Use Airports & Airplanes

I use airports and airplanes to work as well. I can concentrate when there's noise around me and I have earphones. I like to go sit at the gate, or in the lounge, and then I can work and catch up on the last day so that when I get home, I've already identified which emergencies I need to tend to and what needs to be addressed.

I also work while I'm on the plane, and I sometimes don't even need the WiFi. I load up all my emails before I board the plane, and then while we're flying, I draft all my answers, and the next time that my computer will be plugged into the WiFi at home, then my emails are going to leave my outbox.

#4. Sort the Emails

Another thing I do is sort my emails in order of names or conversations instead of sorting them in order of date. Very often, I will have gotten multiple emails from the same person, so instead of responding to each and every one of them, I can potentially respond to one email and say: "Regarding this, this, this and that." Sometimes, there will have been another email after that will have solved the email that they had sent previously, and I won't even need to answer. I like to do it this way. That's just my preference. 

#5. Be Grateful

The last piece: Be grateful that you are back. Notice what is in your home that maybe you didn't have while you were away, and enjoy your own bed, your own pillow, and be grateful that you were away and that you got to go, and cherish your memories. Look at your photo album if you've done it while you were gone, and enjoy the fact that you went away. Enjoy the fact that you're back home. Try to find what is excellent about where you are, about where you live and what was excellent about the place you were in. 

Enjoy the fact that your mindset is in a better place. You got lots of different feel-good chemicals during your trip. Try to make it last, that emotion and that feeling of being on holiday. Try to make it last even when you're back home or at work, just to feel a lot more relaxed and to enjoy the present as you are working. Because if you do what you love, more likely, you're kind of happy to be back at it.


It's easy to procrastinate when you see everything you have to do to catch up.

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