Brian Tracy was broke when he was teaching others how to become millionaires. True story! I was very surprised when I heard this. You may have heard of Brian Tracy. I hope you have. He has written 92 books. That's more than four books a year for 20 years, and some years he has even written six or seven books! "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life""Make More Money""Million Dollar Habits""Master Your Time, Master Your Life""Goals!". And the most successful time management book in the world that still sells today, "Eat that Frog". Keep reading or watch the video below for more...

I was very blessed and thankful to have the chance to listen and interact with Brian Tracy during a mastermind I attended with Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington. I'm so excited that we had a full hour to discuss with him, to ask questions... It was quite enlightening. I thought I would share the learnings I got from this inspiring man.

This is the most interesting and true definition of branding that I have heard in a long time. Branding is all about doing what you say you will do and delivering it. Promising without delivering means nothing. I'll let that sit with you for a while.

Closing the sale is just the beginning of the sales relationship. Once you got the contract, now you have to deliver, and this is where it starts, not where the sale ends. Cool, isn't it?

We had a good conversation about asking your client how they would rate your services on a scale of 1 to 10. If they give you an eight, more likely they'll never buy from you again. You must get at least a 9 or a 10, and if it's anything other than that, you ask: "What could I have done to get a 9 or a 10?"  Immediately, you do what they suggested. That brings me to the next learning...

They told you exactly what you could do to make your score a perfect one. Provide it right away, and make it happen. Work for that 10 out of 10 mark.

He is the living example of this. You'll understand a little bit later...

You have to work on your stuff. Otherwise, you're just working on somebody else's goals, and goes with this the advice that he gives in "Eat that Frog". You have to become very disciplined and constantly work on what is important to you. A great idea is making a list the day before of what is the most important thing that you need to have done the next day. You wake up in the morning and then you don't stop until this one thing that you said you wanted to have accomplished on that day is done. It doesn't mean that you need to accomplish your goal during that day. It means that you set up an agenda for your day, and then you solely focus on that goal instead of trying to reach other people's goals.

This one is my favorite one. When Brian Tracy was asked to create a speaking engagement about how to become a millionaire, he had a few months to prepare. He did a lot of research and interviewed a lot of millionaires, and he created this talk. He delivered it successfully, and then was asked to deliver it again and again. He became very popular for that specific talk, which soon became a book.

All this time, Brian was struggling. He was broke, and he said: "I've learned how to sell. All my sales techniques came from this." He had to sell his stuff. He had to sell his house, he had to sell his car, he had to sell his belonging because he was so broke! All this time, he was teaching people how to be a millionaire, and he was barely surviving. What an interesting learning. I have not decided yet whether to be impressed or shocked. One thing for sure is that it did not stop him and soon enough, he became a millionaire.  

Hopefully, you enjoyed the Brian Tracy special today. I am in awe of this leader. He's one of the top greatest of all times speakers. I think he is the number one book writer. He has created over 1000 different products. 92 books, but a thousand different ways of learning. Cassette tapes back in the days, VHS, DVDs... All these learning resources that he has created have been translated in so many languages, and he has touched and made a lot of people rich and created a lot of wealth for a lot of entrepreneurs. He has made the world a better place!

Thank you so much, Brian Tracy, for all the learnings. I'm still learning from you. I'm still re-reading a lot of your books. I have not read them all, and I'm on a mission to continue my journey to learning from you.


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