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Episode #176

You Lose $30K per Year

Episode #175

When Self-Care
Becomes a Bad Thing

Episode #174

How to Get Someone
to Be Confident?

Episode #173

Work Hard, Play Hard

Episode #172

I Have No Willpower

Episode #171

4 Signs to Know If You're Confident

Episode #170

5 Strategies to Get Along

Episode #169

How to Deal with the Coworker that Drives You Nuts

Episode #168

Don't Have A Promise Statement, Be It

Episode #167

No Pressure, No Diamonds

Episode #166

What If An Engine Light Comes On?

Episode #165

OMG, I Just Received Two Awards

Episode #164

Spending Time Making Money or Spending Money Making Time?

Episode #163

Should You Sell on Social Media?

Episode #162

Brian Tracy Was Broke

Episode #161

What to Do After a Holiday

Episode #160

What to Do While You Are on Holiday

Episode #159

What to Do Before You Go on Holiday

Episode #158

Learnings from Ted Lasso

Episode #157

A Formula to Thrive Through Change

Episode #156

How to Decrease Resistance to Change

Episode #155

From Stuck to Thriving

Episode #154

Why Don't People Like Change?

Episode #153

How to Handle Overly Confident Individuals

Episode #152

Don't Fight Back, Fight Forward

Episode #151

That's Not My Job, Someone Else Will Do It

Episode #150

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome at Work

Episode #149

How to Boost Self-Confidence at Work

Episode #148

What to Do When Your New Boss Hates You

Episode #147

If It Stinks...

Episode #146

I Was Lying! - Pet Peeves

Episode #145

Emotion Control Strategy: He Got Stabbed in the Back

Episode #144

22 Powerful Questions to Face Stress

Episode #143

5 Strategies to Reduce Stress

Episode #142

Who Invented Stress?

Episode #141

6 Keys to Thrive Through Change

Episode #140

A New Take on Imposter Syndrome

Episode #139

All Great Speakers Were Bad at First

Episode #138

How to Find Balance in Life

Episode #137

Keys to Maintain Momentum

Episode #136

"Do You Remember When?" Learnings from Denis Waitley

Episode #135

What Leaders Can Learn from Mothers

Episode #134

What is Self-Care Anyway?

Episode #133

Is It Normal to Have Negative Thoughts?

Episode #132

Jaw-Dropping Facts About the Brain

Episode #131

Why is Confidence Important In a Leader?

Episode #130

The Sneaky Productivity Killer

Episode #129

Will We Go Back to Normal?

Episode #128

I Am Not a Brain Surgeon

Episode #127

SPRING Cleaning: 6 Keys to Thrive Through Change

Episode #126

What If We Could Remove the "What Ifs"?

Episode #125

What Does Football Have to Do With It?

Episode #124

5 Lessons from The Black Panther Movie

Episode #123

I Dropped the Ball, Now What?

Episode #122

How to Deal With Anxiety:       Part Two

Episode #121

How to Deal With Anxiety:       Part One

Episode #120

What Are the Best Shows on Netflix?

Episode #119

How to Get Rich: Part Two

Episode #118

How to Get Rich: Part One

Episode #117

Do Nothing. It Is Impossible.

Episode #116

What the Eyes Don't See

Episode #115

How to Celebrate Success

Episode #114

Are You Setting Yourself Up to Be Challenged Again & Again?

Episode #113

Why Do I Feel Like I Don't Fit In?

Episode #112

Why Are Gas Prices Rising?

Episode #111

Big News!

Episode #110

Canadian Wins a Stage of the Tour de France: 8 Lessons

Episode #109

How to Retain Employees

Episode #108

How to Be Yourself

Episode #107

What Drives Us?

Episode #106

Why Do People Leave Their Job?

Episode #105

Three Things You Want People to Say About You

Episode #104

How to Find Your Spot

Episode #103

What Goes Up & Never Comes Down?

Episode #102

How to Not Freak Out

Episode #101

4 Ways Your Brain Can Play Tricks on You

Episode #100

The Day We Almost Got Killed

Episode #99

Understanding Brain Fog

Episode #98

Do You Know The Story About The Guy in a Bar?

Episode #97

Are You a Helicopter Parent/Friend/Boss?

Episode #96

It's Not Me, It's You

Episode #95

Spring Cleaning Time

Episode #94

Are You Chasing Two Rabbits?

Episode #93

5 Learnings From a Cactus

Episode #92

How to Use Low-Hanging Fruit to Your Advantage

Episode #91

7 Tools to Make You Feel in Control During a Global Event

Episode #90

Three Reasons Why We Feel Fear During a Global Event

Episode #89

How Heavy is your Coffee Mug?

Episode #88

Confidence May Start As a Lie

Episode #87

What If You Could Work Only 9 Months per Year?

Episode #86

When the Night Has Come... Stand By Me

Episode #85

How to Go Beyond Your Limits

Episode #84

How to Answer the Question: "What Should I Do?"

Episode #83

Why Do We Get Tired When Meeting Online?

Episode #82

Eliminate Imposter Syndrome: 3 Questions & 1 Mental Exercise

Episode #81

4 Tools to Face Imposter Syndrome

Episode #80

What Causes Imposter Syndrome?

Episode #79

Strategic or Sneaky?

Episode #78

How to Stop Awfulizing

Episode #77

How to Take Control of your Life

Episode #76

What Would You Have Done?

Episode #75

The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Episode #74

Are You Overreacting or do you Have Trauma?

Episode #73

3 Tools to Avoid Getting Stuck with Debt

Episode #72

How to Get Over Fear, Anxiety & Nervousness

Episode #71

Tools to Cope with a Bad Night's Sleep

Episode #70

Tools to Stop Tossing & Turning

Episode #69

Tools to Prevent Bad Sleep

Episode #68

Strategies to Help You Sleep Better

Episode #67

Sleep Inertia, Snoozing, Napping & Dreaming

Episode #66

The Five Stages of a Sleep Cycle

Episode #65

Anxiety, Weight Gain & Other Results of Sleep Deprivation

Episode #64

Learnings From a 21-Time Olympic Medalist

Episode #63

Does Your Promise Statement Come from the Heart?

Episode #62

Too Many Things at Once

Episode #61

How to Tackle a Huge Task

Episode #60

How to Stop Anxiety

Episode #59

How to Eliminate Distractions

Episode #58

Exciting VS Boring

Episode #57

The Different Types of Procrastination

Episode #56

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When you Overthink

Episode #55

4 Strategies to Stop Overthinking

Episode #54

Why Do We Overthink?

Episode #53

3 Simple Moves that Affect your Brain's Ability to Think

Episode #52

Visualization Doesn't Work... Unless You Do This

Episode #51

I Have Learned a Big Lesson

Episode #50

Do You Have a Maserati

In your Garage?

Episode #49

Try This Memory Tool to Remember Everything

Episode #48

How to Get Smarter

Episode #47

How to Stay Focused

Episode #46

How to Come Out Stronger

Episode #45

How to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Episode #44

The Top Enemy of Great

Episode #43

How to Find your Path

Episode #42

How to Win Every Time

Episode #41

What Would you Do with an Extra 30 Years?

Episode #40

Tools to Alleviate Racism with Rose Adams

Episode #39

What is the Key to Strong Relationships?

Episode #38

How to Get Ready for 2021's Businesses Resurgence

Episode #37

Early Worm Gets Eaten

Episode #36

Guess What Movie I'm Talking About

Episode #35

Lose 25lb in Two Days & Make 50K Overnight

Episode #34

How Are we Still Standing?

Episode #33

How to Face the Unknown of 2021

Episode #32

How do You Know When It's Your Time?

Episode #31

The Number One Thing Holding Me Back

Episode #30

A Very Embarrassing Moment

Episode #29

This May Have Happened to You As A Child

Episode #28

How to Stop Being a Shopaholic

Episode #27

What Keeps Us From Making Money?

Episode #26

How to Overcome Your Downfalls

Episode #25

Keep Your Business Thriving During The Pandemic

Episode #24

How to Get Rid of Pet Peeves

Episode #23

How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

Episode #22

Do You Want to Quit Your Job?

Episode #21

How to Motivate Your Clients Using Their Own Internal Filters

Episode #20

How to Control & Generate More Time

Episode #19

How to Remove 92% of Your Stress

Episode #18

How to Differentiate Serotonin, Oxytocin, Dopamine and Endorphins

Episode #17

The Pandemic Has Transformed Our World

Episode #16

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Episode #15

How a Gratitude Journal Can Transform Your Life

Episode #14

How to Reinvent Yourself & Avoid the Mistake I Made

Episode #13

How to Make Your World Better 

Episode #12

Business Lessons from Michael Jordan

Episode #11

What to Do When You Need Help

Episode #10

How to Face Obstacles

Episode #9

How to Make More Money & Keep It

Episode #8

How to Get Rid of a Bad Habit

Episode #7

How to Create Affirmations that Work

Episode #6

What to do With Powerful Emotions

Episode #5

How to Get Unstuck & Overcome Our Emotions

Episode #4

How to Reinvent Yourself with the D.N.A. System

Episode #3

How to Tap Into Your Own Potential

Episode #2

Brain 1-0-1

Episode #1

How to Find Confidence & Unlock Our Full Potential

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