Kieron SweeneyLess than 20% of the population will retire financially secure. That means that 1 person out of 5 can actually afford to retire. Scary.

Kieron Sweeney, international speaker, mindset coach and author, has presented his innovative wealth-building strategy at #TEDxStanleyPark.

Here is Sweeney’s Life’s Golden Buckets management System:

  1. Save 10% of everything you earn, invest it properly. Never spend it.
  2. Use 10% to spend, buying things
  3. Spend 10% for education
  4. Spend 55% on life necessities (mortgage, rent, car, grocery, etc.) – this sets the tone as to what you should allow yourself as far as home-size and car brand. It should not exceed 55% of your income.
  5. Spend 5% on Fun – and you HAVE TO spend it. Having fun is key.
  6. Give 10% to charity. Remember to give back.

This totally makes sense. I may even open 6 different accounts and get my pay cheque allocated in each account bi-weekly…. Enjoy getting ahead!!!

And if you find that, after doing all of this, you are still feeling that you are living paycheck to paycheck, you may have a limiting belief that unconsciously gets in the way of you making the money you want. That is when a limiting belief clearing session with an NLP Master Practitioner can help you. You may be unconsciously self-sabotaging yourself. Contact me for an free 15 minutes consultation on how I can help you get ahead!

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