Have you ever wondered, what if you had done something different? What if the circumstances had been better? What if the person that was in your way that day had not been there? What if you had met somebody before the day you actually met them? So many "what ifs"! Watch the following video or keep reading for more...

How much do you know about football? And what does football have to do with last week's blog post? Check it out HERE if you missed it.

We can remove these "what ifs" from our life, from our existence. We keep asking "what if?", but that's actually holding us back from the next step in front of us. And very often, we feel guilty of things that we said, things that we did. So what if we could remove these "what ifs" from our life? We are humans and we just did our best, and we were learning. We were in a situation where we were doing the best that we could. There's no need to go back and say: "Well, what if this could have happened instead?"

You can feel really good about things even if you're facing a failure or facing something that you did not succeed.

Let me give you an example. Somebody that I know was trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon and trained really hard. He ran three or four times a week, doing his distance, was on point nutrition-wise and was in the best shape of his life. He showed up the day and everything went according to plan. The temperature was great, he ate well... Nothing was off.

And still, he did not qualify. He was a few minutes short from qualifying for the Boston Marathon. And on that day he said: "Well, you know what? I've done my very best and there is nothing else I could have done better, because all the circumstances happened in the way that they happened." And that was his best. He said: "You know what? I'm not going to pursue this anymore."

He could have turned around and said: "What if I had trained more? What if I had started earlier? What if I had eaten something different?" But no, he said: "I've given my best, and I believe that maybe running is not my best thing." And then he started swimming in addition to running. He also started biking. And then eventually, he started training for triathlons. He even became a spin instructor after. He did so many more different things than just running, what he was originally set up for.

He removed all the "what ifs" and just said: "Okay, maybe I've given my all, I've given my best and now I need to move on to something else." Sometimes, you have to accept that you have given your best. In last week's blog, I was saying: "We have to work hard until the last minute, until the last 30 seconds, because every second counts." And it's true. If you work hard, you do everything that you have to do and still you don't reach the goal, well, maybe there are other goals that you can reach and that's fine.

If you want to be able to sleep well at night, you must remove the "what ifs" from your life, because this man has removed the "what ifs" from his life. And he is so much happier, because now he's discovered that he loves to swim, he loves to bike, and he enjoyed a side career, of 15+ years as a spin instructor.

Yes, you may have potentially recognized him. That's my husband, Duff. Duff is such an inspiration for many people, including me. He's in his seventies, and he's is the fittest person I know! It's very interesting how something that could have been perceived as a failure, because he did not qualify for the Boston Marathon, is now something that made him choose other disciplines, that kept him fit and kept him healthy for another 30 years after.

Let's remove the "what ifs" and let's just be happy with what we've done and be happy with what we've accomplished. Sleep well knowing that, hey, you've given your all.


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