Last week's blog was Part Two of the "How to Get Rich" series, and I talked about 3 keys you can keep in mind in order to get rich. You can catch up HERE if you missed it.

Today, we just finished watching a show on Netflix, and it got me thinking about the best TV shows. What are they? What do they have in common? Watch the following video or keep reading for more...

The number one thing that draws us to a show is always the characters. We get attached to them. How many times have you finished a series and realized you'll miss the characters? We finished watching Money Heist, and I miss the Professor already! That's very interesting.

The second thing that makes a good show is its storyline. A show is good when its storyline is entertaining and captivating, right? When you finish a show, you don't say: "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry the show is over because the story was boring." No! We miss the storyline, the plot.

The third thing, obviously, is a lot less important than the characters and the storyline, but it's also a key element: The way it's done. For example, we saw The Woman King on the big screen, and wow. It is beautiful. It's like if you have watched Game of Thrones, for example, or Avatar. It is majestic, right?

Where am I going with this? How is that related to confidence, to my blog? Why are we even talking about Netflix today? Well, because, if you work somewhere, or if you have your own business and you're an entrepreneur, in any business or corporation, the number one thing is the characters. When you leave your job it is not because you're tired of what you do, most of the time, it's mostly because of the people in your work environment. The co-worker you can't stand, the boss you don't respect... And when people retire and are asked if they miss their job, a lot of them say: "I miss the people, but I don't miss my job." Interesting, right?

You need to pay attention to the characters. Who are the players in your corporation? Are you the leader of a team? The characters are a lot more important than the tasks themselves.

The second piece is the story, and that's one thing that we don't take time for. If you are starting a new job or if you're launching a new business, pay attention to the story. Your story is important to share so that people can understand you and their story is important as well! Be curious and try to figure out what the story is in that industry. What is the main problem? What are you solving? Figure out what this industry's "pain points" are. What common problems do they have? How can you solve them?

You also should use a lot of stories in order to explain what you are doing or why something is important. Like if you're selling something, or you're a speaker, you need to have lots of stories in order to get your point across. Lead with stories! People identify themselves to stories. They don't get attached to facts or to "before and after" pictures. They like stories.

The third thing is the decor that I was mentioning in the Netflix shows; the way it's done. This is your brand. What does it look like? Are you consistent? Are you organized? Does it consistently look good? It's not just about having a business. Does your business have a reputation, systems, procedures? Is it well organized? Think about all these parts.

Have a great week, and hopefully you find a great Netflix show to watch tonight!


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