Are you familiar with the Sunday scaries? Have you ever felt like this? It's Sunday evening, the weekend is coming to an end, and you're dreading the next morning. On Friday night, you're entering the weekend, you feel amazing. It's the weekend. Saturday goes by just like that. Then it's Sunday, you have a great morning, a great afternoon, and before you know it, it's Sunday evening after dinnertime and you're like: "Oh no, the weekend is almost over." There they are: the Sunday scaries! This is common. It does happen. Today, I'd like to give you seven strategies to stop dreading Monday mornings...

Strategy #1. Work is Not Bad

The first thing you need to do is change the limiting belief that work is bad or work is evil. Everybody there is not there to get you and it does not have to be hard and harmful. It does not have to suck. There's got to be something good about your job, right? If you start by changing the limiting belief that work is bad and start thinking that work could potentially be a good thing, it starts there.

Strategy #2. Fill Your Toolbox

When you're working, you are using your potential, you're using what you're good at, you're using your skills, or you are building them. You are becoming good at something that you did not know how to do before. You're useful, you matter! You make a difference. You do something for an organization or, if you're building your own business, for yourself and your clients. Even though there are some tasks that you like a little less than others, they are contributing to increasing the skills that are in your toolbox.

Strategy #3. Shift Your Focus

Forget the one thing that you don't like. Sometimes, what you dread is not your whole day at work. It's this one task or this one person or this one little thing. Most of the day is fine. It's just this one task that maybe you like less. You just have to understand that it's part of a whole. It's not the whole day that's absolutely terrible, right? There's got to be something in your day that is fun, that is good. Focus on these things. Those are the reasons why you get up in the morning.

Remember that day that you didn't want to go to work until you remembered you were going out to eat with your team for lunch? One good thing can have the same impact as one bad thing. If you focus on the bad thing, you're not going to want to go to work, but if you shift your focus, maybe you will.

Strategy #4. Conquer Procrastination

There's something on your pile that's potentially been there for a while and you're like: "I really don't want to do that." You keep finding excuses and ways to go around it and behind it and put it aside or further down on the back burner. Attack it! Go to work this week and do that. Start it, break it down, chunk it down in smaller steps and start it. You'll see: it's not that big of a mountain. Procrastination is probably one of the reasons why you may dread Monday mornings.

Strategy #5. Stop Winging It

Have a plan. Why are you going to work? More likely, you have a goal. Maybe you want to retire one day and have money. Maybe it's a short-term goal. (Psst: If you need some help with goal-setting, check THIS out) You need to pay your mortgage this month. You need to buy groceries, you want to go out, maybe your children are going to want to go to college later on. Set up your goal and see every day of work as part of it. Map it down. Write down exactly how much money you need. How many days of work does that mean? Make a budget. How does that separate in multiple weeks or months? How many years is it going to take to reach your goal? When you make a plan, your workday becomes part of this plan, and then you look forward to going to work on Monday mornings. The plan doesn't have to be about money.

Sometimes, it's not about the money. Sometimes, your plan is eventually you want to become partner in your firm, or you want to become a supervisor, for example. Maybe your plan is to build your business. If you're an entrepreneur, maybe you want to eventually have staff working for you. Maybe you want to reach the million-dollar goal. Set up those goals, and then every day is just a check mark towards that goal. It's so much easier to get up in the morning when you have a plan!

Strategy #6. No More Snoozing!

Avoid hitting the snooze button. This is the biggest mistake that was invented. As soon as the alarm goes off, you have to get up. The snooze button is designed to make your brain reenter a state of sleepiness, and the first 90 minutes of your day are going to be ruined if you snooze your alarm. I have a whole online course about sleep if you'd like to know more.

That's one thing that people get used to, especially when they dread Monday mornings. The alarm goes off, and then they snooze and snooze and snooze. That's going to get worse and worse and worse if you do this, and you will waste your mental capacity for the first 90 minutes of your day. You won't be resourceful, you won't be at your best and you will not be filled with feel-good chemicals to start your week. Getting up as soon as the first alarm goes off will definitely change your life.

Strategy #7. Ditch the "Work-Life Balance" Mindset

Focus on seeing work as part of your life. A lot of people think work is one thing, and life is another. This is not the case. Life is one big circle and while you are at work, you are still in your life. Work is part of your life. It's not either/or. Therefore, work-life balance does not exist. Work is a big chunk of your life. You spend most of your time at work, so make it a good thing. This kind of brings us back to the first strategy, the one where I said you have to stop seeing your work as some kind of an evil thing. Work is part of your life, a BIG part of your life. You might as well find what is good about it, what you can like about it, what is fun about it, and focus on that, right? And if it's just the salary that you like, then at least it's the salary that you like. Focus on that.

I hope this helps you to look forward to your Monday mornings and I hope you wake up energized and looking forward to your day. Have a great week, everyone!

Procrastination is probably one of the reasons why you may dread Monday mornings.

Download my Online Guide & learn about 6 strategies you can use to get out of the procrastination loop. Get back into action today! You'll see: it's not that big of a mountain.

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