I get a lot of questions about social media, whether it's about my social media strategy or my thoughts on selling on social media platforms. Now, as you may know, I'm a confidence expert. I work with neurosciences, I work with the brain. I help people get rid of what's holding them back so that they can move forward. Still, some people come to me and they say: "Nathalie, I know you want to teach me how to be confident, but I'm confident. I'm good. I just want you to teach me how to make money." I happen to be good at making money. I have created a great business for myself, and I use social media. Watch the full video below or keep reading for more...

I've been conducting business for 15 years in the confidence and mindset area, and yet in the past five years, I have been doing a lot of consulting and a lot of business mentorship for entrepreneurs or for organizations, because of the experience I gained as I have been able to move from a business that was killing me to something where I can work only eight to nine months a year and have automated systems for the rest of the time.

This is why today, this blog is about marketing on social media. Should you sell on social media? Think about it. When you're at Starbucks and you're waiting in line and you're bored, you pick up your phone to be... ENTERTAINED. You don't want someone trying to sell something to you, right? Do you ever think: "Oh, I think I'm going to go on Facebook or LinkedIn right now so that somebody can sell me something."? No! Absolutely not. Nobody wants to go on social media to be sold stuff. They want to be entertained, they want to have fun. They're killing time, they're swiping, they're just tired of their day and they're sitting on the couch and they just want to have something to do without having to think.

You want to use social media to move the needle towards people being aware that you exist, and understanding exactly who you are. By the way, the THINK Yourself® A MARKETING PRO Online Course does go over a five-step funnel strategy as well as a 15-step social media strategy. This is exactly what I do in order to transform social media fans into paying clients. 

I remember when I was starting to post on social media, sometimes I had up to 4,000 likes on a video, but that was not money in my bank account. I made all the mistakes possible. I launched my first online courses. Do you know how many of them I sold? None. But I figured it out eventually, and now this is what I'm teaching in depth in the THINK Yourself® A MARKETING PRO online course, but today, I just wanted to bring one key concept forward: You want to entertain people. If you show up on their profile, it could mean that they have manifested interest in your field of expertise. You want to continue to increase this awareness until they are interested in you and they say: "Oh, that's a cool post. I like that."

You should see social media platforms as coffee shops where you go to meet people. Let's say you are single, you want to meet somebody and you go to a coffee shop. You see someone interesting, and you immediately get down on one knee and propose. Of course, they're going to be like: "Uh, you're weird." Too many people do this on social media. I get so many LinkedIn requests every day. I see dozens of people that connect with me and then message me right away, trying to pitch me their $2,000 service. I mean, we just connected! Don’t propose on the first date!

You need to take interest in people if you want them to take interest in you. If you're approaching a client, go to their feed, go like their stuff, go comment, be interested in them, ask them questions, and eventually you develop a trust curve that goes up so that you're able to "ask for their phone number", just like the coffee shop analogy. If you happen to see the same person at the coffee shop many times and you really like them, well, you need their phone number if you want to avoid having to constantly go back and hope that they'll be there when you are. The same thing goes for a potential client on social media. We don't know if we'll ever see these people that have liked our post again, because we didn't ask for their phone number.

"What do you mean, 'asking for their phone number'?" I can hear you ask already! I mean this in the form of offering something that is irresistible for them. Then, they'll think: "Oh my gosh, I need this. I'm going to go on that person's website to download it." Then you bring them to your homebase and maybe get their name, their email... Of course, it takes time. It's a long-term game.

Remember that whatever you have as a strategy on your social media, the first step is always to be entertained. That's what people want. Keep it fun, keep it light, keep it entertaining and interesting. Once you have their info, you're not going to propose right away! Just like at the coffee shop, maybe you'll "date" for a while (you're going to send them some content and give them more and more value). Eventually, you can get down on one knee and ask.


Have a great week!


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