Yay, it's the weekend! I walked in the kitchen to try to figure out what we were going to eat for dinner, and my husband said: "Hey, why don't we walk over to A&W and have a burger?" Do you know what I answered? Keep reading or watch the following video to find out...

I said: "You know what? Let's do it." And yes, I've written books on health and nutrition, I'm a fitness professional, I teach classes, I have online courses about health, and whatnot. A lot of my clients ask me: "Don't you ever, ever eat fast food?" And the answer is yes, sometimes. The key is in the "sometimes".

Here is what needs to happen in your head when you do. Instead of saying: "Well... I'm eating fast food. I am such a loser. I have absolutely no willpower. Fries are my downfall. It's awful!" You could try saying: "Okay, I'm eating fries right now. This is just a one-off, because I'm very healthy. This is an exception." This is what you need to hear inside your head when events like these happen. The way you talk to yourself is what's going to make a difference. Tell your personal assistant in your head that it is temporary. It is a one-off. It is an exception because usually, you eat very healthy.

So, yes, I did enjoy my fries that night (I had a poutine) and we walked to the restaurant. Not that a 20-minute walk is the equivalent of the number of bad calories I ate, but at least it made me get some fresh air.

One more thing about this: We had coupons for our burgers that we had gotten in the mail. Guess what? They were expiring that day! Lesson: if you're an entrepreneur, mailing special offers to people and putting an expiry date on those just may work small miracles... 😉


That doesn't mean that you're a loser, or that you have no willpower. It doesn't mean that your day is ruined, and that you should just eat the whole box of cookies.

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No more yo-yo diets & no more depriving yourself either. Enjoy those fries!

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