How can we stop procrastinating? Well, I actually have a full online course AND a full blog series about procrastination, but as March 25th is International Procrastination Day, I'd like to quickly go over four different and easy strategies to start the process of stopping all this procrastination. Watch the video below or keep reading to find out what they are...

1. Focus

First things first: Eliminate the distractions. You need to focus! In order to do so, we need to identify what could get in the way of you being productive. I find that if I have to focus on something very important, I need to clean my desk, I need to make sure that nothing else can be a distraction to me. I shut off my notifications, I close my office door... Make sure that whenever you feel like you're procrastinating, you eliminate all possible distractions. It's going to help a great deal!

2. Get Excited

Get excited about the task to come! More often than not, the reason why we procrastinate is because the task that we are about to do is boring. We don't like it, so obviously, we tend to choose something that's more fun instead. If you can't be excited about the task itself, try getting excited being done with it! What are you going to do afterwards? What will that do for you? Maybe, if it's somebody else asking you to get this done, you can get excited about getting them off your back! When you are excited, you are in a much more resourceful state.

3. Choose

Choose. Very often, when we procrastinate, it's because we have way too many things on the go, and we have too much on our plate. Lay out everything you must do and make a list. We get overwhelmed very quickly when too many things are going on at once. Remember, our brain can only focus on five to nine things at once. Just being able to notice the outside environment, to feel the air and the temperature in the room, to hear some music... There's not that much room left in our logical brain in order to do many other things at once. Choose one series of tasks or one little task and focus on that one. If you choose one thing, more likely you will get it done instead of procrastinating it.

4. Chunk it Down

Maybe the task at hand is way too big. Chunk it down, make it smaller, break it down into smaller little tasks. That way, it will be a lot more doable and it's going to be easier to start and to get into it if you only have to do one little thing at a time. Break it down into as small tasks as you need them to be in order to get things done.

Remember: It's never too late to start taking action and reclaim control over your time and productivity. Good luck!

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