I got my inspiration for last week's blog from the orange tree in my backyard here in Palm Desert. I'm sure you heard the expression "low hanging fruit", right? For ways to use low hanging fruit to your advantage, check out the full blog HERE.

My surroundings inspired me again this week. As I was standing in cactus paradise in Palm desert, I realized that there were a lot of things that we could learn from cactuses... Watch the video below or keep reading for more.

Lesson #1. Claim Your Uniqueness

We are all different. There are so many different kinds of cactuses. And throughout this blog this week, you will notice that there are so many different ones. What is it that you are unique at? That you're really good at? It doesn't have to be what everybody else is doing. Whether it's in your business, in your organization or in your personal life, there will always be people that are different than you. Acknowledge their beauty, their difference, and how they are bringing something to the team or to your life. Always be curious as to what it is that this person has to teach you.

Lesson #2. Be Patient Through Dry Spells

Cactuses have the capacity to preserve water. That's why they can survive for a long time in the desert, because they have preserved their resources. What are the resources that you have?

Very often, we're all over the place. We just go, go, go. We're always doing something, and we're out of breath. See if you can take a step back, be patient and ask yourself: "Okay, what is my big plan overall in the future? There are some things that I know that I want to accomplish. Is this action that I'm just about to take really important right now? Is it something that will really bring me closer to my goal? Maybe I need to preserve some of my energy and my resources to do the things that are really making sense for me, for my goal, for my future, for my business and for the corporation that I work for."

Be patient, accumulate and preserve your resources.

Lesson #3. Stay Sharp

Spoiler alert: Cactuses are very pointy. What are you doing in your life in order to stay sharp? What are you learning? What are you continuing to adapt to? The world is changing. Everything is constantly new. Whatever it is that you are doing, you will have to relearn it again, over and over. Understand that we live in the world of change and no matter how many trainings you take, everything is temporary.

Learning in itself is part of the process. We will always be learning something new. As soon as we know something, it has already gotten old, and we need to learn the next thing. Make learning part of your daily reality and be prepared for it, be enthusiastic and curious. Be willing to learn and stay sharp.

Lesson #4. Get Plenty of Sunshine

You know that cactuses are always soaking up the sun and its energy. What are the things that give you energy? Take some time for yourself, even though our to-do lists are endless, and even though we have so many things to do. Find a way to bring some sunshine into it. If you're doing a task that you don't really feel like completing, for example, turn up the music in the background and change your mindset, make it fun. Find a way to add fun and sunshine into everything that you do.

Lesson #5. You Will Get Your Turn to Bloom

You will get your turn to bloom. No matter what, small, consistent actions pay off. Cactuses don't bloom all the time. They each have a season. Stay patient, because you will get your turn to bloom. Small, consistent actions. Continue to work for your dream because it's worth it. You only have one life. So keep working at your dream and you will get your turn to bloom.

Hopefully, you've learned from our cactus friends! See you next time,



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