The overwhelming response we got from the launch of our new program made me want to dedicate this week's newsletter to it. I know that lots of you have kids and can more likely appreciate the impacts this program will have on our future society.

I am thrilled about the launch of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY New Learning Resource: THINK Yourself® POSITIVE - The Adventures of Captain Vic. 

Watch the Trailer here:


Teachers hear this every day. 

Research shows that students' lack of perseverance and self-esteem impacts their levels of personal and overall effectiveness. This disrupts the classrooms and makes teachers' work very challenging. Students’ negative inner self-talk leads to the avoidance of difficult tasks without even making the effort to try. 

They find excuses when they feel they are not up to the task and they waste valuable time. Busy convincing themselves of their lack of ability, they close themselves off from learning and their grades suffer. Feeling defeated and frustrated, these students have a strong tendency to criticize others, act maliciously, isolate themselves, be unaware of consequences and have difficulty making friends. 

Statistics Canada reports that 31 percent of children have a low-to-moderate level of self-esteem, but 100 percent of children are affected by the impacts. Everyone in the classroom is disturbed, even the teacher. The true potential of children is not being fully realized.

Teachers who face this common challenge are looking for resources to positively transform students' inner language.

Fortunately, there is now an affordable, simple and effective solution that directly addresses this problem. 

THINK Yourself POSITIVE is a ready-to-use learning resource for teachers from kindergarten to 4thgrade. It includes an easy-to-use education manual, 23 animated online stories as well as downloadable material. 

Students learn to create habits of speaking to themselves with positive language through the original adventures of Captain Vic and Captain Miserable. By raising self-esteem, students will have tools to persevere, even if they do not succeed at the first attempt.

They build confidence to face new challenges. Trusting their own ability, they are actively involved in learning. They become proud of what they can accomplish. 

Empowering the mind at an early age is essential to enabling children to build a solid foundation for their future.

If you are or you know a teacher, I am sure they will agree that this Learning Resource will be exactly what their students need to create the habit of positive self-talk. Please forward! We offer a Free Trial!

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