Virtual Coaching: THINK Yourself® SUCCESSFUL

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Get access to the coaching videos of all the activities of the book THINK Yourself™ SUCCESSFUL.
22 COACHING SESSIONS ON VIDEO with Maureen Hagan, Tasha Hughes and Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas
Value $297 on special for $75 for a limited time! – That is less than $3.41 per session!!!
You can follow along with the book THINK Yourself ™ SUCCESSFUL (buy the book here) and download the workbook for free when you purchase the virtual coaching package.

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Imagine that you hire a personal trainer and he asks you to sit down and watch him do all the exercises. Will YOU get stronger and fit? Not if you sit down and watch him do it.

Only if YOU do the exercise, will you get strong and fit.

It is the very same with the exercises and activities of THINK Yourself® SUCCESSFUL International No.1 Best Seller.

Reading the questions will not make you successful. You have to take the time to sit down and respond to them. DO the activities.

This video series is designed to support you every step of the way as you are doing all the exercises of the book.

Set up time in your schedule to work on YOUR success!!


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