THINK Yourself® POSITIVE – The Adventures of Captain Vic


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THINK Yourself® POSITIVE – The Adventures of Captain Vic is a ready-to-use learning resource for teachers from kindergarten to 4th grade. It includes an easy-to-use digital educational manual, 23 online animations as well as downloadable material.

Students learn to create habits of speaking to themselves with positive language through the original adventures of Captain Vic and Captain Miserable. By raising self-esteem, students will have tools to persevere, even if they do not succeed at the first attempt.

They build confidence to face new challenges. Trusting their own ability, they are actively involved in learning. They become proud of what they can accomplish.

Empowering the mind at an early age is essential to enable children to build a solid foundation for their future.



Regular price: $179.00 per class per year. 

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Resource non-shareable, non-transferable between teachers. Federal Law provides civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution or exhibition of the copyrighted material.


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