Do You Think Your Personality

or Your Staff's is SET In STONE?

Tired of not getting along with certain people in your personal or professional life?

People don't leave their job!

They leave the co-worker they can't stand

or the boss they don't respect.

Whether it is in your personal or professional life, success is highly connected to your relationships which are directly connected to personality styles.

People don't leave their marriage either! 

They leave the spouse that doesn't listen to them

or that doesn't "GET" them!

Let me take you back when I worked in sales for a manufacturing business. I had been given the opportunity to pitch one of our major clients and I knew they were interviewing a few competitors. So I prepared for it. Really well! I had my speech memorized with all the arguments and counter arguments ready in case of anything the client would say. I gave an outstanding performance and I remember leaving the meeting with a huge feeling of satisfaction. I knew I had nailed it. I was totally sure that we were getting the contract!

The next day, they announced they gave the contract to someone else....

I was so sure of myself and I had made the mistake to focus solely on my own performance instead of 


I had put on my confidence hat on and spoke clearly. I was friendly/ I took time to ask them about their kids, their family, how long they had been in the business, told them how our company had 3 decades of experience with true proven methods. I showed them testimonials of satisfied clients. I went over my full powerpoint presentation in details on how we would deliver the product.

BUT MY CLIENT HAD A "LEADER" Personality Profile...

Leaders don't like small talk, they like to go straight to the point.

Leaders don't want old proven method, they want the NEW Latest and Greatest.

Leaders don't like details and testimonials, they like big picture bottom line general results.

So I thought that from then on, I needed to select the people that I would work with to be more like ME.

If I was to be successful in business or in any type of relationships, 

I needed to stick with people who were LIKE ME so that we would speak the "same language".


That logic did not work long as we don't really decide who we work with or the people we interact with in our lives. While we can decide sometimes that we will hang out more with people with whom we share more similarities or have more traits in common, we are constantly put in presence of people who are 


That's When I Realized I Needed to Get to Know How to Interact with Different Types of People.

And what about me?

Was MY PERSONALITY set in stone?

The main reason why people don't succeed is because they think that the way they are is set in stone and that they will always be that way.


And they don't know how to adapt to speak the same "language" as the person that is interacting with them. 

The first step, was to find out how many personality styles are out there and how many types of "languages" did I need to learn and master?

I realized that by understanding different personality styles was going to totally transform the way I would interact with others. 

For Maureen (Mo) Hagan, the journey was similar.

Her journey with the study of human behaviours has been going for multiple decades as a Global Health and Wellness Expert in the fitness Industry. 

She was told very early on that her dream of rising in the fitness industry was not viable. She was ready to quit her secured career as a licensed Physiotherapist to travel the world and teach fitness.


Academically, Mo was not the best student..

Athletically, Mo was not strong or fast enough 

and was cut from most teams she tried out for in school.

While she lacked the skills and self-confidence at times, she leveraged her natural ability to think positively

 and she pursued her dreams.

She taught herself how to become who she needed to be in order to  

stand up against rejection and negative influencers. 

Mo powered up her natural high-energy and 

practiced harder and longer than most of her friends and teammates.

She learned how to become and acquire the personality traits that were required in order to 

reach her goals.

She went on a journey of discovering how it doesn't matter if you are not the strongest or the smartest person in the room, you can always transform yourself.

Without business schooling or experience,

she has climbed the corporate ladder

at GoodLife Fitness, Canada's largest fitness chain, and is now the Chief Operating Officer at canfitpro (Canadian Fitness Professionals) a company that she helped start in 1993.

Mo has had to deal with thousands of staff and audience members as she travelled the world as a professional speaker and presenter, sharing her experience of fitness, wellness and 

leadership being directly connected to human emotions and behaviours.

Both Mo and I learned that understanding personality styles and believing in our potential for change were key elements of our success.

When you are not good with driving or cannot swim, you can simply take the bus and avoid the pool. But when you are not good with people,  

You Cannot Avoid It! 

People are present everywhere.

They are involved in our daily life.

Not being good with Relationships is NOT an option.

We have had our respective challenges, made mistakes, and it took a while before we would find out a way to join forces and create a tool that people could use to avoid the mistakes we have made!

The reason why we were not successful was because we were working super hard, but we sometimes just did not have the tools to know how to interact with others or how to change our own personality. We did not really know that it was actually possible to change.

We Can Share with You What We Have Learned, so That You Can Shortcut Your Way There and NOT Make all the Same Mistakes We Made.

You can learn how to


with our Online Course!

No more wondering if you are wasting your time with yet another strategy. You can start your journey to becoming a Relationships Pro with the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY series.

Just Working Hard is NOT ENOUGH

After almost 10 years of practice as a CONFIDENCE EXPERT, Master Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, and after reaching International status with my 8 International No.1 Bestsellers, I realized that a lot of my clients did not necessarily need to learn how to be CONFIDENT.

They wanted me to teach them


That is when I started creating Online courses.

I partnered with Mo Hagan,

to create the course:

THINK Yourself®



Based on the International No.1 Bestseller THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIPS PRO

Including the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personal Assessment Toll to Transform Yourself and Master Communication.

A 25-Video series with Maureen Hagan and Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Business Environment - TEAM BUILDING:

A demotivated employee or high turnover is highly expensive. Staff retention relies on relationships. People don’t leave their job; they leave the boss they don't respect or the co-worker they can’t stand. Reprogramming your staff’s mindset and making sure they can communicate effectively within and outside the organisation will exponentially increase the company profits.

Client Aquisition & Retention - LEARN HOW TO SELL & KEEP YOUR CLIENTS

You are great at what you do but you would rather not have to sell your services. Confidence in communicating and selling your services starts with confidence in yourself. The best way to have confidence in yourself is to KNOW Yourself. This course will help you know your strengths, how to capitalize on what you are good at and change the things you want to change. The course also teaches you how to recognize your prospects or client's styles so that you can speak their language to sell your service, get to know them and increase client retention. You will find tips on how to recognize the STYLE of those around you and how to collaborate, lead, influence, sell and get along.


Have you ever heard yourself secretly think: "I wish I was like that!" Your personal and professional relationships are directly connected to personality styles. Do you identify yourself as being a certain personality type? Are you convinced that your personality traits are set in stone? Do you sometimes wish you reacted to things or people differently? Why do we get along so well with some people and not others?

This course includes:

25 Online videos that you can do at your own pace.

A downloadable Implementation Guide.

  1. 1
    THIS course is NOT to teach you how to date or use online dating apps.  Some people get confused with the title "Relationships", but it can certainly help you with your love and romance relationships and potential even save your marriage.
  2. 2
     Full disclosure: We an Entrepreneurs Just Like You. We are not marriage counsellors or personality disorder specialists. I am a Confidence Expert and Transformation Expert. Maureen is a Global Health Influencer and COO of a Leading Canadian Organization. You may say: "Well, they are not Communication Specialists!" You are correct. But we happen to have lots of skills and experience getting along with people, collaborating, selling, communicating and did we mention that we are both in long-lasting loving relationship with our respective husbands?
  3. 3
    We just happened to learn quite a bit as we built our businesses and we are kind of great at Relationships and it work for us! So if this interests you, then this course may be for you.

The reason why this course is different, is because it combines my

10 years in Human Resources

15 years in Sales

33 years of experience in the Fitness Industry

12 years as a Successful Business Owner & Confidence Expert.

with Maureen (Mo) Hagan

35 years of International Experience
27 years as an Executive Leader with two Leading Canadian Organizations
2019 Recipient of the Canadian Fitness Industry Leader of the Year

2020 Top 10 Power Women

What People Are Saying...

“In a Very Short Time, I learned more about myself than I have in Years of Searching."

Heather Smuin

Golf Performance Expert

It always starts with knowing yourself first"

All relationships are based on communication and on mastering your own language and being able to detect and match the language of the person you are interacting with.

Sarah Jarvis
Pilates Instructor

“Relationships is what I have been doing for a living for over 2 decades."

As a clinical counsellor, it is absolutely crucial that I know how to communicate and adapt to each of my clients.  This course teaches all the tools you need to get along, influence and communicate effectively.

Sukie Thindal
Clinical Counsellor


Discover your own personality STYLE-L.I.S.T. with THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIPS PRO Online Course. The course is easy to follow and you may finally be able to become the person you have always wanted to be and


Maureen (Mo) Hagan

Chief Operating Officer of canfitpro & Co-Creator of


About Maureen (Mo) Hagan

Mo is a global Health and Wellness Expert, No.1 International Bestselling Author, Speaker, International Award-Winning Program Director and Fitness Industry Instructor. Mo is a licensed Physiotherapist and certified Fitness Instructor and has been recognized for her career which has spanned over three decades; names as one of Canada's 20 Most Influential Woman in Sport and Physical Activity, the International Fitness Industry's Woman of the Year and Top 100 Health Influencer in Canada.

She is living the dream life she envisioned and she is an influencer of change, helping to inspire new levels of awareness for fitness, health and wellbeing worldwide. She believes that we are all there to serve the world in our own special way. By honoring our own unique gifts, we inspire others around us to be and do the same. 

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Founder of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY & Co-Creator of THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIPS PRO

About Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

2021 Canadian Presenter of the Year Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas is a Confidence Expert. She works with people who want to get rid of their negative self-talk and unlock their full potential. She brings entrepreneurs the Clarity they need to make money living from their passion. She is international No.1 Bestselling Author of fifteen books about success, communication, wellness and empowerment. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering keynotes and trainings, leading-edge online courses, laser-focus business strategy and one-on-one transformation coaching.

Along the past 30 years, she has inspired over 100,000 audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally to get rid of their negative self-talk. She combines over 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years of experience in sales and over 30 years in the fitness industry. In 2007, she was "Fitness Instructor of the Year" for Canada.

Small details can make A Big Difference

When we get put in a leadership position, whether you are in charge of a team, project-lead at work, directing staff or simply wanting your kids to eat their vegetables or convince your spouse to watch this specific movie, you are constantly in need of tools to influence others. We wish we had learned everything that we know now about personality STYLES 20 years ago.

We  figured out very quickly that the way we were managing our relationships was NOT working...

We have surely burned lots of bridges. We have followed tips, here and there to improve ourselves, that would help for a while, until we would go back to our old bad habits and revert to what we thought was our "set-in-stone" personality.

Maureen has countless instances witnessing her staff making the same mistakes over and over. She witnessed people leaving the organization not because they did not like their job, but because they could not get along with one-another.

We can say that, although we believe that we learn from our mistakes and that our past is somehow like an investment, we wish that THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIPS PRO had been available for us. There was not really one course that included the experience of a C.O.O combined to the experience of a Mindset Expert. That is why we developed the THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIPS PRO Online Course.

Full disclosure. Just in the process of creating of this course, we did learn a ton from each other which contributed to increase our confidence even more. We wish we had been given all the tools and strategies that we have developed in this course when we were in our twenties.

Who is this course for?

As mentioned earlier, this course will teach you how to use the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personality Assessment Tool to Transform Yourself and Master Communication. You will learn tools, strategies, techniques, resources and mindset shifts to transform your relationships. THINK Yourself® A RELATIONSHIPS PRO will guide you towards better collaboration, influence, leadership, sales, connections and getting along.

This is for you if...

  • You want to stop arguing with people around you.
  • You want to learn step-by-step techniques to transform your personality.
  • You want to communicate better and stop the eternal "I should have done this, I should have said this".
  • You want to ditch your bad habits.
  • You want to get along and influence people positively.
  • You want to feel that sense of satisfaction knowing that you can help people around you even more, using the key personality behaviours and communication tools fo this course. 
  • You are ready to work on the different layers of a person's self. There is still work to do. Just knowing what to do is not enough. You are prepared to do the work.

This is not for you if...

  • You think that the course is just a magic wand that will magically transform your relationships. Bummer: There is still work to do.
  • You are not prepared to work on the different tools that will be given to you.
  • You are a course-o-holic that signs up to everything and never even watch the videos and then buys another course right away and so on... 
  • You prefer to make your own mistakes and learn from them.
  • You already are great with your relationships, you make friends easily, you are at your best all the time, you can influence everyone around you and you are respected from all.

Here's "What You Get" 

Some of you may think: 




Human Emotions and Behaviours

The STYLE-L.I.S.T. Test

The Four STYLES at a Glance

The D.N.A. System

How the Brain Works

Environment & Suggestions to Improve

Behaviours & Suggestions to Improve 

Skills & Suggestions to Improve

Beliefs & Values

Common Limiting Beliefs

Identity & Identity Traits to Be Aware Of

Life Purpose

Old & New Mindset

How Do You Change?

Non-Verbal Communication

Visual and Verbal Communication

Who You Are Communicating With

Communicating with the Styles

Conflict Resolution

Selling / Selling to Each STYLE

Love & Romance

In Love With

Daily Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "work" that I need to do on top of watching the videos?

How Long are the Videos?

Is there an Exam?

What score do I need to pass the Quiz?

What if I have questions during the course?

If you want to become a RELATIONSHIPS PRO and really make a difference in your life as a whole, while skipping the mistakes that Nathalie and Mo made, act today. 

Copyright - THINK Yourself® ACADEMY