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TEACHERS - THINK Yourself® POSITIVE - The Adventures of Captain Vic

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About this course / Au sujet du programme

The learning resource, also available in French, includes:

  • A downloadable educational manual.
  • A subscription to the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY for KIDS website, giving you access to animations and downloadable material.

On this site, you will find:

  • 23 animations that will guide students through Captain Vic's adventures. 
  • Drawings, posters, certificate, song and more.

Plan a period of 13 to 15 weeks, depending on your schedule.


The 23 animations require for you to be connected online and have access to a computer, a projector and a screen or a smart board in your classroom.

You have created your own username and password in order to access the animations. Each animation is designed to be played once with your students. However, we know that sometimes technical difficulties occur, or the children may simply want to see them more than once; the system will allow you up to three views of the same animation.

Downloading and sharing the animation is not permitted for copyright reasons. Federal Law provides civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution or exhibition of copyrighted material.

The animations are designed to explain the main concepts to the students through the adventures of Captain Vic and his antagonist Captain Miserable. Always show Captain Miserable’s animations before showing how Captain Vic will live the same adventure.

The animations are presented like pages of a book. You will have to read the words to your students. Each page has a screen duration of 15 seconds. You have time to let students enjoy the animations before you start reading. We recommend that you start reading when all the drawings and words have arrived on the screen. If necessary, use the pause key to give yourself more time to read. You can adjust the volume of the instrumental background music accompanying each animation.

Before and in between the animations, refer to the educational manual for the questions and discussions to have with the students as you guide them through the program. 

We suggest presenting one animated story per week, a story lived consecutively by the two characters Captain Miserable and Captain Vic.

The animations last from 2 to five 5 minutes, depending on the unit.