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PARENTS - THINK Yourself® POSITIVE - The Adventures of Captain Vic

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“ I CAN’T DO IT! I’M NOT GOOD ! ”   

Parents hear this every day. 

Research shows that children’s lack of perseverance and self-esteem impacts their levels of personal and overall effectiveness. This makes parents’ life very challenging. Statistics Canada reports that 31 percent of children have a low-to-moderate level of self-esteem. The true potential of children is not being fully realized.


Transforming children’s inner language to build self-esteem and perseverance is possible!

THINK Yourself® POSITIVE is a ready-to-use learning resource for parents of children between 5 and 10 years old.

  • an easy-to-use educational manual
  • 23 online animations
  • downloadable material

Children learn how to transform their inner language through the adventures of Captain Vic and Captain Miserable. Have fun introducing your children to a simple and effective way to create the habit of positive self-talk. Empowering the mind at an early age is essential to enabling children to build a solid foundation for their future.