Be Happy or Be Right

When you win an argument, do you really win? And what do you win? Being caught in an argument in itself is more likely a no-win situation… We spend so much time trying to make people see the world through our own eyes that we forget sometimes that we all have a different view on […]

Go play outside…. walk…. skate…

Go Play Outside! Put on your warm clothes, put your ice skaters on and enjoy the majestic 13km skating rink on the Sept-Iles Lake in Saint-Raymond (Quebec). I just could not resist to send you this article about my home town. wow! A 13km skating rink…. have fun! It doesn’t matter if you live close […]

Are you a Sugarholic?

Alcoholism is a serious disease. We would all agree. But did you know that a high percentage of our populations are suffering from similar destroying disease? They are Sugarholic! Sugar is present in most manufactured food. Make sure you check your labels carefully and avoid the following ingredients when shopping: Sugar, sucralose, dextrose, (most ‘OSE’), […]