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  • Do you get in your own way and sabotage your own success? 
  • Do you feel that sometimes, an invisible force is making you do the reverse of what you know you should be doing?
  • Do you sometimes hear nasty thoughts in your head? Are you living your life in a mechanical way, leaving your dreams on the bak burner, while your best years are escaping from you in a monotone day-to-day?
  • Are you AWAKE?

Join Ravi Tangri, quantum physicist, and myself, transformation expert, as we help you learn why and how you might sabotage yourself – and then show you tools and techniques to reprogram the different layers of your brain to get transformational results.

Every FRIDAY on Awake TV

Every FRIDAYS @9am PST/12pm EST

This show will help you identify what needs to change and how to transform your old limiting beliefs and negative self-talk into a serving force that will propel you to live to your full potential. Each week, you will leave with easy to apply skills, a revamped relationship with yourself and a new mindset about success, whether that is about health, relationships or wealth.

Because you are part of my tribe, you have access to this pre-show episode above that introduces myself and co-host Ravi Tangri, along with telling you about what to expect with our TV show.

The show airs Every Friday morning at 9am PST/12pm EST/1pm AST, starting November 15th, 2019.

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Awake TV's mission is to open the hearts and minds of humanity and support the elevation of consciousness in all facets of society: individual, family, community.

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